How Truck Operators can Increase Profits using Vehicle GPS Tracking System

SAM- Smart Automobile Management

SAM is a combination of hardware & software where hardware gets installed in vehicle and connect vehicle to mobile App through cloud connectivity.

Problem FacedBy Truck Owners

Truck owners providing logistic and supply chain solutions have a major problem in controlling the operational cost, many times which goes out of budget and eat up the profits. Operational cost in the system is very much dependent on the vehicle and driver’s performance.

Best Solution for Truck Owners 


GPS Tracking System is not just a live tracking tool, but a tool that helps you analyse vehicle performance. It allows you to set alert for unwanted scenarios, and send instant notifications for set threshold. With advance features like Safe-Zone Alerts’ or ‘Geo-fence Alerts’ you can mark restricted areas on map and get notified on vehicle’s entry and exit. ‘Playback History’ is a full day travel history of vehicle, that can help in controlling frauds and wrong decisions taken by the driver.

Essential data points recorded in a good vehicle tracking system are as follows:

  1. Distance CoveredTotal distance covered for the day.
  2. Run TimeTime for which engine was running ,and vehicle was moving.
  3. Idle TimeTime for which engine was running, but vehicle was not moving.
  4. Maximum SpeedMax speed of the day.
  5. Average SpeedAvg speed of the day.

Weekly or monthly comparison of above data points can give useful insights to make powerful business decisions. Get instant alerts for above data point to take necessary action in time. For example, setting an alert for maximum speed (point 4) helps you restrict your driver under a defined limit. Similarly, there can be alerts and thresholds defined for all data points.

How it works

GPS tracking system is an integration of hardware and software. Hardware needs to get installed in your vehicle so that you can use Mobile App or Web Dashboard, to check everyday performance trip. Mobile App is convenient to use and keeps you handy all the time, however, web dashboard can be very effective for higher number of vehicles.

Cost Overview

There are various hardware-software combinations available in market. Device quality and features integrated in the system is what decides the overall cost. Range of cost for tracking systems available in market:

  1. Hardware costRanging from INR 1,500/- to INR 10,000/-.
  2. Software costRanging from INR 50/month to INR 500/month. 

Grow your profits by reducing the the operational cost. Monitor vehicle daily performance and get instant alerts to avoid unwanted expenses. Correct decision taken at the right time is a key to success.


Financial Technologies in India – The reason is Jignesh Shah

Born in a Gujrati family, Jignesh Shah had decided to make his mark on the stock markets at the early age of 8. He worked on campaigns for the Bombay Stock Exchange before modifying the Indian stock markets forever by introducing financial technologies through his company Financial Technologies Limited (FTIL), now known as 63 Moons.

Jignesh Shah – A personality of many traits

Jignesh Shah is an avid reader of business related materials and autobiographies of famous entrepreneurs and derives great inspiration from them. Taking one step at a time, Jignesh Shah provided mass employment in the sector and took India on excursions of progressive growth and a provided a better economy. Jignesh Shah awards list includes the prestigious Forbes List of richest Indians till 2010.

The Target reveals an account of drafted conspiracies

Shantanu Guha Ray, an investigative journalist took it upon himself to assimilate the facts pertaining to the NSEL case and wrote a book on Jignesh Shah about his journey and targeted conspiracies by top bureaucrats owing to vested interests. Jignesh Shah’s situation can be compared to Dhirubhai Ambani’s who also faced a set of attempts to terminate his progress. ‘The Target’ is a verified account that analyzes his story in the light of the Indian epic Mahabharata. Jignesh Shah has also been compared to John Galt, a famous character from Ayn Rand’s book who took the responsibility of the world upon himself. And rightly so, Jignesh Shah stands a solitary pioneer on the altar of web based financial and stock market technologies.

Jignesh Shah has shown nothing but courage thought his career and especially during the investigations in the NSEL case by following the judicial processes with patience. The following extract from the book will give a perspective on his perseverance:

“Shah worked overtime with Exchanges, patiently waiting outside the offices of pettifogging officials, who opposed him. He almost single-handedly fought battles against competitors, regulators and rivals, often in the courts. There were times when Shah almost threw in the towel, wondering why the Indian business environment was plagued with politicians openly abusing their powers and bureaucrats deaf to genuine arguments. But seconds later, he again bounced back into the ring to shape his dreams.”


An office party is that time of the month where you can show off your dance moves, impress your coworkers with your distinctive style and maybe hit-off a conversation with the cute newbie you’ve been eying for the longest time.

But, dressing up for an office party can be a bit tricky. You want to look dressy without going over the top. You want people to know you’ve taken more effort than you do on a Monday morning but don’t want to look like you are dressed for the red carpet.
To save you from this dilemma, here are a few tips that will get compliments your way from all your colleagues-


Print-on-print is a trend you can experiment with for drinks with the colleagues, as long as you choose the right colours and silhouettes. Combine two minimal prints and stick with basic flows and cuts. Keep the pieces within the same color palette but mix textures or shapes like geometric prints with tie and dye prints. Keep the accessories low key and opt for ballerinas and a sling bag in dark colors like black, brown or grey.


Lace is an evergreen fabric; always perfect for parties and dressy affairs. For a fancy soiree, pick out a lace blouse in a solid color and match it with flared palazzo pants in a similar tone. Add a metallic waist belt to uplift the outfit and opt for peep-toe pumps and a wristlet in the same tone. Keep the jewelry sophisticated with diamond danglers and a diamond bracelet.
Strappy body-cons and mini-skirts are better suited to a night out with your girlfriends; your office needs elegant outfits. Go for a midi dress or a shift dress with quarter sleeves from a brand like Cover Story. A below-the-knee body-con dress or pencil skirts with a pussy-bow blouse will also work. Accessorize it with a statement necklace, a box clutch and pointed-toe heels to keep it classy.



Layers are a good idea for semi-formal occasions—they add a playful depth to your overall look. Mix and match the right colors and cuts—never excessive, just enough to pull off formal-chic. Match leather leggings with a neutral colored chiffon blouse and layer it with a cotton blazer in a pastel color like pink or green for a little edge. Add strappy heels and a duffel bag to complete the equation with a touch of sophistication.

Decorating Tips to Improve the Look of Any Room

Considering most of us aren’t interior designers by trade, designing or refurbishing the interiors of a house can prove to be quite a task. Be it making the most of a small bathroom or selecting the best floor tiles for the kitchen – it can get a little mind-boggling trying to understand the industry lingo. After all, terms ‘bevel’ and ‘balustrade’ don’t really strike a chord with industry outsiders.

So, if you too are in the process of giving your home a makeover but have been left flustered by an overflow of jargons, here is a design guide, simplified. We have included some tried and tested tricks that do not need years to master

  • Use Three Colours or Shades

Colors are personal and have a great impact on the overall ambience of a space. We suggest keeping the colour scheme minimal with a mix of 3 colours or shades – one for the walls, one for larger accents such as couches and chairs and the third for smaller accessories like cushions or flowers. You could also keep it basic with an all-white room with three shades of white.

floor tiles

  • Add Texture

Whatever your style, try to add plenty of texture by adding numerous textiles to your home. If going for a monochromatic space, accentuate with varied fabrics and prints. An all-white room may have linen draperies, a velvety arm chair, silk cushions or a woven basket. Another unique way of incorporating texture is through a wall with stone finish tiles.

  • Create a Focal Point

To avoid visual clutter, add one statement element to the room and let everything else take a back seat. A dramatic hood in the kitchen, skirted club chairs in the living room or a headboard in the bedroom – choose something that will draw attention.

  • Layered Lighting

A smart way to create interest, intrigue and variety in a room is by adding layers of lighting. In an evenly lit room, nothing tends to stand out. Instead, pick two focal points and highlight those. For instance, light up the backsplash and cabinet interiors in your kitchen. Add general ambient lighting and some lower lighting, like table lamps, for an overall appeal.

Jignesh Shah: The other side of the Target

A common Bollywood story has a hero and a villain. A drama has long been playing in the backdrop of politics and stock exchange market. This drama too had a protagonist and an antagonist, but the viewers are still confused about who is who. The curtain unveiled a few days back with a well investigated script ‘The Target’.

The story of Jignesh Shah has been on a road full of ups and downs. It seems he was too focused on reaching the horizon, but again, the road of business never comes with the sign ‘Bumps Ahead’. Shah was awarded US-India businessman of the year in 2006, little did he know that in the coming years life was about to take a U turn. In ‘The Target’ Shantanu Guha Ray mentions:

In less than a decade, DGCX had positioned itself as a global financial hub, adjudged ‘Exchange of the Year 2013’, trading in bullion, currency and metals in Dubai (historically an important center for trading in gold and other commodities).

This was a historical milestone for India, but in Delhi no reactions were forthcoming from the government, even the bureaucrats did not talk about the ground-breaking move. On the contrary, the government sent out feelers through the Mumbai-based Reserve Bank of India (RBI), wanting to know what was happening in Dubai, and whether or not Shah and his men were flouting the rules.

On one side where Jignesh Shah and his company were trying to restore the glory of Indian economy, everything else back home was going wrong. Ray further clarifies this:

That was strange, if not absurd. A country that awards instant stardom to an Indian, who becomes the CEO of a global company, had no words of appreciation for an innovator and entrepreneur, who had achieved global recognition for excellence in building world-class financial institutions and services through lucid, well-regulated and well-audited processes.

However ‘cinematic’ the story may seem, all the events and characters in it are real. A lot of it has remained untold for years, but new facts have been brought in light which help us know more about the other side of the coin.

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