Out autistic illuminate “Star Child”

90 most beautiful deep social worker Wang Pui:

Out autistic illuminate ‘Star Child’

Reporter correspondent Xiao Xiao Liu Jingjing Wang Wenhan

Autistic girls with disabilities learn social work profession

‘In fact, I originally had autistic tendencies,’ In retrospect, the king deep Tony said.

Beginning of the semester, Wang Pui accident car accident deep, lying in the hospital for six months, marked by steel legs, a three handicapped Since then, she became self-esteem, very quiet.

In high school, she completely closed themselves, do not make any communication with the students the teacher home visits, she saw the mother a few times people secretly tears.

Although autistic failed to make her entrance exam an ideal result, she was on the District of Wuhan Vocational College.

She chose the social work profession, would like to take to change themselves. Another important reason is that the professional tuition is very low, can save money for the family.

Social work profession only 40 students, but also for the first time opening her to encourage yourself: ‘do not communicate with people in this life to be over.’

She soon went into classmates and was originally thought so terrible. Classmates are very friendly to her, no one disability discrimination against her, her heart a little bit of warmth and sunshine spread.

Graduation, many students after graduation are diverted. WANG Shen Bei declared: ‘determined to make a social worker.’ Fortunately, her mother very supportive of this choice.

With the expertise to provide services

WANG Shen Bei Wuhan liberal candidate to become a professional social work service center social worker.

Office of summer this year, hosting community classes, she summoned up the children chorus, the team called ‘HappyDay’, mainly on account of most of the children are child custody, daily life, the lack of opportunities for collaboration with others, strong self-awareness. She hopes chorus form, so that children learn teamwork, enhance the collective sense of honor and teamwork. Later, ‘HappyDay’ community of Hong Kong as a team, participated in the Summer Arts Festival in Wuhan.

Once, an old man wearing a hearing aid for the grandchildren to the community service center on medical insurance, although the elderly wearing hearing aids, or hear. Happen to encounter the king deep shell, she detailed the elderly to do something to write on paper, elderly people do not understand, she will communicate with its pen, and with the coordination of social security specifically dry, until the old man after finishing medical insurance.

The work on the social worker, Wang Pui has its own deep dreams, ‘social worker with specialized skills to help people solve difficulties and problems, is the government to spend money to provide services for the people by the community leaders, dealing with people and other vulnerable groups, their Both activities of the organization, planning ability, or psychological quality, resilience and has improved so much and I will continue to upgrade their professional skills to provide services to more people, so that more people understand the social workers, support workers. ‘

Limping walk under the sun, with a V, petite, smiles, revealing a white teeth.

She is the king of deep shell, 23 years old, Chau Tau Street, Hanyang District of Hong Kong community social worker, was hailed as the River City’s most beautiful social network.

Last July 12, Wang deep shell to build Hong Kong community social worker, two weeks after a three-year-old Leilei understanding (pseudonym. Leilei body is very strong, but can not say the full words, others greeted him not reason, is always do some repetitive movements. WANG Shen Tony learned Leilei is suffering from autism.

Autism known as autism, is a serious impact on children’s mental health developmental disorders. WANG Shen Bei care to children with autism, as the future for a long period of time priority. Autistic people say it Like stars in the sky, shining faint light alone, while Wang Pui deep thought into their hearts, open their windows of the soul.

Through the efforts of more than a year, and achieved unexpected results. Nowadays, every time he saw Wang Leilei deep shell will smile, close to her, pulling her hand active, although spit the word is very difficult, but people understand shout a ‘sister.’

Yesterday afternoon, Wang deep shell in the community with summer classes hosted games kids play together reporter Liang Chaoshe

2 billion yuan foreign capital flock to the southern suburbs of Datong modern agriculture

Incentives specific standardized operation mode

WASHINGTON (Reporter correspondent Zhao Zhicheng Ma Zhenhua) early introduction of private capital to the southern suburb of Datong built the country’s largest industrial ecology project Rose – Rose Ecological Park Yungang performance characteristics, has completed 80 million yuan investment, planting roses 700,000 strains, education rose seedlings 1,700,000 This project will also Yungang, mountains, crow child cliff, Western Han Ling four towns 58 villages mining subsidence area construction rose planting 13 acres of the park. then, can drive around the village 1.5 million jobs.

In recent years, the southern suburb of ‘incentives specific, standardized operation mode’ as the starting point, the introduction of two billion yuan of private capital investment in the construction characteristics of modern agriculture, which encompasses farming, animal husbandry, agro-processing and agricultural products wholesale logistics and other modern agricultural projects, especially the area was identified as the national modern agriculture demonstration zone, the region formed the main peri-urban agriculture, boutique agriculture, leisure agriculture, good atmosphere, farmers per capita net income increased year after year.

In order to fully guide social forces to actively invest in agriculture, this year in the southern suburb of tight financial circumstances, the introduction of six specific incentive policies to support subsidies, including subsidies for greenhouses, professional cooperatives incentives, land transfer, scale animal husbandry and technology services etc. It also further improve certain provisions relating to agricultural building << >> << >> incentives and other preferential policies, cadres and the masses to mobilize the region cited the project. various functional departments to implement a ‘consultation, approval, inspection, charges, complaint’ five in-one office system. Additionally, the district is still running on standardization, give full play to the driving effect of farmer cooperatives, to further strengthen the ten thousand agricultural park facilities, the Quartet Tech pastoral park, Freeman flowers, fruits and vegetables and other large Chinese Sheng agricultural projects, especially for key agricultural projects, defining district, township and village levels Contact leadership and project leader, on a regular basis by the party secretary, mayor organizational reporting, analysis, research, and resolve financial, technical and other problems, until the project is completed Up to now, the south suburbs to guide public investment in construction projects more than 100 characteristics of modern agriculture, investment reached 20 billion yuan, a total of 1.78 million mu of agricultural development facilities, construction of greenhouses 10,400, the construction characteristics of the agricultural zone 13, standardized cell culture 70, built 231 agricultural cooperatives, agricultural output value reached 920 million yuan.

Qufu Wu village “Green Road” mode boost Countryside

Recently, the reporter walking in the countryside north of Qufu City, Shandong Province, lush green roads, idyllic breathing clean air, feel the road shocks and changes in the economic domain This cozy village green living in the city Wu relying on the ‘Green Road’ mode and easy implementation.

‘Green Road’ is exotic, authoritative interpretation are: a linear green open space, usually along the riverside, valleys, ridges, scenic roads, railways, canals and other natural and artificial corridor construction site for visitors and cyclist into the landscape lines.

‘Green Road’ mode, is Wu village in 2013 focused on creating ‘Wu Village’ brand of this, the ‘green road network’ as the vine, the landscape, bucolic, agricultural production, the town development integration, ‘in order to fruiting vine ‘, strung along the Village Development and Countryside farmhouse, strengthen the collective economy, string points into a line, the connection into the film, weaving agricultural tourism, enriching town industrial chain, enhance farmers’ happiness index, create livable happiness Wu village.

Due form on the potential, Jianshe Road King one of the ‘Green Road Network’

To create ‘agricultural tourism features the town’ as the goal, building ‘covering the town, features highlights, versatile’ and ‘Green Road’ Network .2013 years, invested more than 2000 million yuan, fully completed by the 104 National Road to Jiuxianshan area ‘Green Road’ trunk construction, hardened road 23.6 kilometers, the new crossing 23 bridges and culverts, dams 12 landscape, planted along with ‘jujube, persimmon, forever’ as the main landscape planting 180,000 trees, built a ‘combination of shrubs and flowers, hierarchical patchwork, tours are too close to the United States,’ the landscape green belt, forming a ‘evergreen, three quarters of flowering, temperament sense highlight the’ green ecological landscape corridor, to achieve the mountains There are also road scene.

Constantly improve the branch ‘Green Road’ construction, to take government support policies supporting guidance to business investment as the mainstay, ‘BOT’ market-oriented operation of the auxiliary of the ‘trinity’ of financing, has now completed 18.6 km of the branch ‘Green Road’ Building . Pastoral Hills project invested 1.5 million yuan, the new repair Lord ‘Green Road’ stretching 3.2 kilometers road, on both sides of planting cherry, purple fragrant locust, kiwi seedlings 5000, patchwork, scenery, is the road into the park’s ecological tourism . holy mountain tourism resort development project packaging Guanyin Taiwan attractions, building stone tour trail 2300 m, in the dining room and board, expanding training, leisure and health services, based on the landscape in turn play into the overall project scope, expanding the business to enhance the popularity now, like the pastoral Hills, Mount Athos tourist resort center independent construction branch ‘greenways’ business amounted to 12, invested over 11 million yuan.

Beads into a chain, to build rural tourism new card

Wu village of ‘Green Road’ to ‘line’, landscape, countryside, rural, farm music, tourism projects such as the ‘point’, the ecological advantages into advantages of tourism resources, and establish a slow life leisure travel system, build rural tourism new highlights, new business cards.

Financing of 22 million yuan, packaging developed Guanyin Taiwan area, Paomaling area, more than 100 million fund-raising, planting arborvitae, pine and other seedlings 300,000, 1,000 acres of barren hills and green, Jiuxianshan scenic forest coverage rate of 70% or more , gourd folk village sets of tourists nearly 20 million people, developed in cooperation with the Beijing Film Studio of the two projects started, Valley West Hsiao-hsien Cultural Heritage Village has completed Hsiao-hsien Cultural Square, Hsiao-hsien demonstration Street, Takanori pool and other projects construction, incorporated city’s first Phoenix Mountains farmhouse cooperatives, development farmhouse 160, annual tourists reached 80,000 people, 1.6 billion investment project has been completed the investigation of things Confucius Temple Lyceum main construction, investment 240 million yuan Lo bucket Buddhist Temple Main Hall cultural area projects have been completed, now open, digging organize cultural allusions, poetry, myths and legends 120, take full advantage of holy tourist resort center, Long Bay Resort habitat, Happy forward real base, the hole House Tea Culture Expo bases established coaching service facilities and venues, to carry out Green Road tours, string points into a line, the connection into the film, along the ‘Green Road’ construction of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism culture convergence zone, ‘strange, beautiful, quiet ‘leisure tourism, cycling through, eat peasant food, the concept of ecological beauty, greenways Wu Village tourism has become a new bright spot of tourism development.

Weaknesses, power take-off town Societe Generale

Complement the project short board, seeking greenway extra points, ‘Wu Village Green Road’ to give the ‘town’ function. Xu Xin Rural Power Project Leader Kong Weidong When asked, ‘Why Wu Village construction site’ is said, is Wu Village convenient traffic advantages, the beautiful ‘Green Road’ Environment project ground to become the preferred destination.

2013, Wu village invested 34 million yuan, the new road hardening projects gathering area 2300 m, 3000 green seedlings planted on both sides, forming a ‘two vertical and two horizontal’ road network, laying of underground pipes 4900 meters, the completion of sewage, drainage, drinking water project construction, to achieve a ‘Stone a flat’ to complete the town resident demonstration street ‘greening, lighting’ and road widening project, started the West Extension road construction projects, the park vector function can be improved significantly. to the ‘Green road ‘for the media, with’ Project plate ‘as a platform, knocking the door, recruit big business, there have been Bo Cheng Electrical, Xu Xin rural power, Yitong Machinery, Jie Mushi fertilizer industry, Wai Hang, cosmetics and other 35 projects have landed construction, commissioning, with a total investment of $ 5.0 billion, forming pooled investment business ‘Huijin land’ .1-7 month, the town completed local fiscal revenue 13,500,000 yuan, an increase of 37 percent, two tax income 3,770,000 yuan, an increase of 38%, in place of the registered capital of 32 million yuan, an increase of 269%.

Highlight the characteristics of farmers to get rich paved road

Wu Village is a very unique ‘characteristics of agricultural tourism town’, highlight the ‘Green Road’ of the soul, targeting urban communities ‘basket’, ‘fruit plate’ construction along the family farm 13, the high standard quality fruit picking garden 8 to fruit-based play, new circulation of 1.8 million mu of land, building a fruit wholesale market, evergreen garden, idyllic villa collections and a number of tourist parks such as pearl inlaid in the ‘Green Road’ on which the Swiss Garden 2013 was awarded the Shandong agricultural tourism demonstration sites, Jining Taibai restaurant cooperation with a ‘four-star’ peasant music. Jie Mushi fertilizer industry, the Quartet biodegradable agricultural, Xinyuan fruit processing, Xin Heng agricultural machinery, farming and other eco-tourism Running of the Bulls 6 agribusiness series in the ‘Green Road’, people start pulling more than 2,000, the monthly wages are more than 1,500 yuan, becoming the promotion of farmers’ income ‘rich road.’

Our research and development of biological material 3D printer: print human cells

Xinhua News Agency, Hangzhou, August 7 (Reporter Yu Jingjing) – From Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology University and other universities, scientists independently developed a biological material 3D printer. Scientists use biomedical polymer materials, inorganic materials, the hydrogel material or living cells , has been successful in this printer to print out a smaller proportion of the human ear cartilage, liver cells and so on.

The biological material 3D printer R & D team leader, Hangzhou Dianzi University professor Xu Ming-yan said that this biological material 3D printer has printed many kinds of biological material for cell damage is low, high precision printing and easy to operate with a similar international Compared printer, which sets called ‘Regenovo’ 3D printers not only to achieve the biological material under sterile conditions and cell 3D printing, and the new print head temperature control unit and designed to be supported from -5 ℃ to 260 ℃ melting print a variety of biological materials.

Xu Ming-yan said, ‘Regenovo’ support living cells printing, printing with up to 90% cell survival. Now print out the longest living cell survival was 4 months.

However, from human cells, tissues and even organs are ‘print’ out into the real clinical application, there is quite a long way to go. Xu Ming-yan said that scientists need to work together in various fields.

Changsha Canon EOS 70D New Coming Soon details of the consultation

(Changsha digital camera market) early July, Canon 60D officially released an upgrade – EOS 70D. Aircraft equipped with a very powerful 20.2 million pixel CMOS sensor, built DIGIC 5 + image processor, equipped with full 19:00 Cross AF system. Additionally ISO up to 12800, also has full HD recording, HDR and multiple exposure and other functions, is bound to have a good shooting experience. Besides, 70D also added something called ‘double pixel’ (Dual Pixel CMOS technology focus, live view mode, you can reach five times faster than the original AF-speed.



Canon 70D
Release date July 2013
Body Features APS-C size digital SLR
Product Positioning Mid-range SLR
Operation Full manual operation
Sensor Type CMOS
Sensor Size 22.5 * 15mm
Sensor Description Dust removal function: Auto, Manual, add the dust data
Effective Pixels 20200000
Image Processor DIGIC 5 +
High resolution 5472 * 3648
Image Resolution L (Large: about 20 million pixels (5472 * 3648

M (Medium: about 8.9 million pixels (3648 * 2432

S1 (a small one: about 500 million pixels (2736 * 1824

S2 (Small 2: about 2.5 million pixels (1920 * 1280

S3 (Little 3: Approximately 350,000 pixels (720 * 480

RAW: about 20 million pixels (5472 * 3648
M-RAW: approximately 11.2 million pixels (4104 * 2736

S-RAW: about 500 million pixels (2736 * 1824

HD camera Full HD (1080
Body Motor Does not support
Lens Description Compatible Lenses: Canon EF lenses (including EF-S, not including EF-M lenses

(35 mm equivalent focal length is approximately 1.6 times lens focal length

Lens mount: Canon EF mount

Focus mode Type: TTL secondary image-registration, phase detection

Focus modes: One-Shot AF, AI Servo AF, AI Focus AF, Manual Focus

Focus area Single-point AF (Manual selection, Zone AF (Manual selection

AI Servo AF features: tracking sensitivity, the acceleration / deceleration tracking

AF fine tuning: AF fine tuning (Adjust all lenses adjust or press

AF-assist light: built-in flash emitted by a short continuous flash

19 AF automatic selection

Focus Points 19:00 (all cross-type corresponding to F5.6, F2.8 corresponds to double the central cross-type AF

※ except for some lenses

Display Size 3.0 inches
Pixels and type 1.04 million pixel LCD screen
LCD screen features 16:9 mode

Brightness adjustment: Manual (7

Electronic level: in 1 ° shows the horizontal level

Touch screen: capacitive type

Brightness adjustment: Manual (7

Electronic level: in 1 ° shows the horizontal level

Touch screen technology: capacitance method

Features: Display

Screen Features Touch screen, flip-screen, high-definition screen
Menu Language 25 kinds (including Simplified Chinese
Live View Support

Aspect ratio settings: 3:2,4:3,16:9,1:1

Focus mode: Dual Pixel CMOS AF (full pixel dual-core CMOS AF / contrast detection mode (face + tracking, multi-point move freely, move freely 1:00

Difference detection method (fast mode

Manual focus (can be about five times, 10 times magnification confirmation

Continuous AF: with

Focus brightness range: EV 1-18 (23 ℃, ISO 100

Metering modes: Evaluative metering (315 area, partial metering (real-time display of approximately 10.3%, spot metering (real-time display screen of about 2.6 percent, the central focus of the average metering

Metering Range: EV 0-20 (23 ℃, use the EF 50mm f/1.4 USM lens, ISO 100

Silent shooting: with (Modes 1 and 2

Touch shutter: with

Show grid lines: 3 types

Viewfinder Eye-level pentaprism
Viewfinder Description Coverage: Vertical / horizontal direction is approximately 98% (eye point of approximately 22 mm

Magnification: 0.95x (-1m-1, with 50mm lens at infinity

Eye point: about 22 mm (from eyepiece lens center at-1m-1

Built-in diopter adjustment: about-3.0-+1.0 m-1 (dpt

Focusing Screen: Fixed

Grid display: with

Electronic Level: before shooting, after shooting display

Mirror: Quick-return type

Depth of Field Preview: with

Shutter Type Electronically controlled focal plane shutter
Shutter speed 30-1/8000 seconds, B Mun (Total shutter speed range. Available range varies by shooting mode, flash sync speed of 1/250 sec.
Flash Type Built-in (with wireless master function
External flash (hot shoe) Yes (EX-series Speedlite (Flash functions settable with the camera
Flash Range 17mm lens angle of approximately
Flash Index Approximately 12 (ISO 100, in meters
Flash recycling time About 3 seconds
Exposure mode Program AE (P), Aperture priority (A), Shutter priority (S), Manual exposure (M), B door exposure
Exposure Compensation Manual: ± 5 stops in 1/3 or 1/2 stop increments

AEB: within + -3 stops in 1/3 or 1/2 stop increments

(Can be used in combination with manual exposure compensation

Metering 63-zone TTL full aperture metering (Evaluative metering (linked to all AF points, partial metering (approximately 7.7% of viewfinder at center of the area, spot metering (approximately 3.0% of viewfinder at center of the area, the central focus of the average measured light
White Balance Auto, Preset (Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten, tungsten, white fluorescent light, flash, user-defined, color temperature setting (about 2500-10000K, with white balance correction and white balance bracketing function, with flash Color temperature information transmission
Sensitivity Basic Zone modes: automatically set between ISO 100-6400

* Scenery: automatically set between ISO 100-1600 in, Hand-held Twilight: In the automatically set between ISO 100-12800

Creative Zone modes: Auto ISO, the manually set between ISO 100-12800 (in 1/3 or 1 as a unit, or ISO expansion to ‘H’ (equivalent to ISO 25600

Scene modes Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Sports, Night Portrait, Hand-held Twilight, HDR backlight control program
Image Stabilization Optical Image Stabilizer
Movie Shooting 1920 * 1080 (Full HD: 30p/25p/24p

1280 * 720 (HD: 60p/50p

640 * 480 (SD: 30p/25p

* 30p: 29.97 frames / sec, 25p: 25.00 frames / sec, 24p: 23.98 frames / sec, 60p: 59.94 frames / sec, 50p: 50.00 frames / sec.

Compression Method: ALL-I (only I), IPB

File Size: 1920 * 1080 (30p/25p/24p/IPB: about 235MB / min

1920 * 1080 (30p/25p/24p/ALL-I: about 685MB / min

1280 * 720 (60p/50p/IPB: about 205MB / min

1280 * 720 (60p/50p/ALL-I: about 610MB / min

640 * 480 (30p/25p/IPB: about 78MB / min

※ movie shooting speed required memory card reader:

IPB: at least every second 6MB, ALL-I: At least 20MB per second

Focus Mode: AF Live View shooting with the same

※ movie shooting fast mode can not be used

Servo AF: with

Metering Mode: Using the image sensor and the central focus of the average metering Evaluative metering

* Focus mode is automatically set by the

Metering Range: EV 0-20 (23 ℃, use the EF 50mm f/1.4 USM lens, ISO 100

Exposure Control: Program AE with video and manual exposure

Exposure compensation: + -3 stops in 1/3 increments (Still image of + -5 level

ISO sensitivity

(Recommended Exposure Index: Using the automatic exposure shooting: Automatically set between ISO 100-6400 in Creative Zone modes can be extended to the ‘H’ (equivalent to ISO 12800

Using manual exposure shooting: Automatically ISO 100 – 6400 between the settings manually set between ISO 100-6400 (in 1/3 or full-stop increments, expandable to ‘H’ (equivalent to ISO 12800

Digital zoom: Zoom can be set approximately 3-10 times

Timecode: Support

Dropped frames: Compatible 60p/30p

Video Snapshot: can be set to 2 seconds / 4 seconds / 8 seconds

Recording: with built-in stereo microphone

External stereo microphone terminal

Can adjust the recording level, with wind noise reduction function, with the attenuator function

Show grid lines: three types

Still image capture: You can

Continuous function Support

High Speed: up to about 7 / sec

Continuous low speed: up to about 3 / s

Silent shooting: up to about 3 / s

Maximum burst speed:

JPEG Large / Fine: Approx 40 (approximately 65

RAW: about 15 (about 16

RAW + JPEG Large / Fine: Approx 8 (approximately 8

* Figures are based on the use 8GB memory card Canon’s testing standards (ISO 100 and ‘Standard’ Picture Style

* Values in parentheses apply based on Canon’s testing standards compatible 8GB UHS-I Memory Card

Special effects Photo Effects: Auto, Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Neutral, Faithful, Monochrome, User Defined 1-3

Creative Filters: black and white particles, soft focus, fish-eye effect, oil painting, watercolor effect, Toy Camera Effect, Miniature Effect

Noise reduction capabilities Can be applied with long exposures and high ISO sensitivity shooting
Shooting Mode Drive mode: Single shot, Continuous, Continuous, Silent single shooting, continuous shooting mute, 10 seconds self-timer / remote control, 2 seconds self-timer / Remote
Remote control function Support

Wireless Remote Control: Remote Control RC-6

GPS function Support
Wireless Performance WiFi
Print mode Compatible with PictBridge printing
Editing capabilities Brightness correction, white balance, Picture Style, Auto Lighting Optimizer, High ISO noise reduction, JPEG image-recording quality, color space, peripheral illumination correction, distortion correction and chromatic aberration correction
Play Mode Image Display Format: Single image display, single image + Information Display (basic information, shooting information, histogram, 4-image index, 9-image index

AF Point Display: Yes

Grid display: three types

Zoom Display: about 1.5 times -10 times

Image browsing methods: Single image, jump (by 10 or 100 images, shooting date, file folders, video clips, still images, Ratings

Highlight alert: Overexposed highlights blink

Image Rotation: You can

Rated: with

Movie playback: Allow (LCD monitor, video / audio output, HDMI output

Built-in speaker

Slideshow: All images, by date, folder, video clips, still images or ratings

Background music: You can select the slide show and video playback

Image Protection: Yes

Memory Card Type SD / SDHC / SDXC card
File Format Picture: JPEG, RAW (14 bit Canon original, you can also record JPEG + RAW

Video: MOV (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264

HDMI interface Support
Video Interface AV interface
Other interfaces USB2.0

External Microphone Input: 3.5 mm diameter stereo mini jack

Remote control terminal: For Remote Switch RS-60E3

Battery Type Lithium battery (LP-E6
Power Performance Via AC Adapter Kit ACK-E6 using the AC

Installing the Battery Grip BG-E14, you can use the 5th

Battery Information: Displays the remaining capacity, Shutter count, performance and battery charging registration (AA/LR6 battery

Endurance Still images: using the viewfinder: 23 ℃ for about 920, 0 ℃ for about 850

Using Live View shooting: 23 ℃ for about 210, 0 ℃ for about 200

※ Use a fully charged battery LP-E6


23 ℃ for about 1 hour 20 minutes

0 ℃ for about 1 hour 20 minutes

※ Use a fully charged battery LP-E6

Physical characteristics Big screen DC
Colors Black
Shape design Engineering Plastics
Dimensions 139 * 104.3 * 78.5mm
Product Weight Approximately 675g (body only, 755g (including battery and memory card
Other properties You can create / select a folder

Document No.: Consecutive numbering, auto reset, manual reset

Automatic image brightness correction: Auto Lighting Optimizer

Highlight tone priority: Provided

Lens aberration correction: peripheral illumination correction, color correction

AE Lock: Auto: evaluative metering using a single AF mode when focus

Manual: By AE lock button

HDR shooting:

Dynamic Range Adjustment: Automatic, +-1EV, +-2EV, +-3EV

Automatic image alignment: Support

Multiple Exposure :2-9 exposures

Multiple Exposure control: addition, average

The aircraft is now about to visit Hunan Province, the Canon 70D interested friends can contact the merchant ‘Changsha Canon Monopoly’ Consultation understand, please call or QQ: 2269340078

[Reference price] Details of consultation

[Business name] Changsha Canon Monopoly

[Business address] Changsha Jiefang East China Sea No. 81-1 3C floor

[Contact Us] 1387597877213875978725

[Online QQ] 511503157

Court of Final Appeal ruling lease contract invalid Ms. Sun was finally able to get back the house

WASHINGTON because her daughter to be married to Ms. Sun bought last August, Binjiang District, Hangzhou Jiangnan area a second-hand housing, a total of 2.16 million to pay off, to get three cards later, do not want to come thunderbolt: the house lived lease 20 years of the tenant (the newspaper in 2012 << 1.9 million to buy a house, 20 years to live >> other detailed report.

Six months ago, Hangzhou Binjiang Court of First Instance judgment: the lease is invalid, vacate the house. Ms. Sun and cried, cried into tears ran after the tenant filed an appeal against the house for Ms. Sun, is still as Flower in the Mirror in the water.

Yesterday, the closely watched housing contract dispute, and finally with the finale. Hangzhou Intermediate People’s Court of second instance verdict: dismissed the tenant petition, upheld the conviction. This is the final judgment.

Ms. Sun can finally get a house. Year-long nightmare is over.

Court of Final Appeal dismissed

Judge upheld the lease contract is invalid

More than two months ago, Hangzhou Intermediate People’s Court of second instance court, the landlord and the tenant Ryu staged Pharaoh hot fracas afterwards with reporters said that the first time I heard the sound of the trial so loudly.

Landlord Pharaoh most active, he repeatedly invited the media to pay attention to: the tenant Ryu monthly interest rate of 20% is engaged in loan-sharking. Such behavior has seriously disturbed the financial order and invited the media to expose them, transferred to public security.

And Ms. Sun also means that the center square is the house of the lease contract, are covered in the form of usury, not real meaning of the expression.

‘You kept saying that faith, that Pharaoh borrowings 500,000 owe me rent 400,000 Not yet, What?’ Tenant Ryu also touch burning.

In accordance with the description of Ryu, Ryu loan last March to Pharaoh, sign the lease contract, to get the house keys, call Pharaoh 400,000 rent, May decoration stay in June filed in the property lease contract and pay property charges and utilities. ‘This series shows that the actual lease has occurred, and the contract to buy a house much earlier than their time.’

Focus of the trial is obvious: Ryu handheld this lease contract is valid, whether against Ms. Sun’s sale of housing.

The court held that the lease contract dispute, the two sides signed a contract to explore the true meaning.

Wang said the landlord, the tenant house is Ryu borrowings. Tenant Liu also acknowledged that the beginning of the lease contract signed, is to protect the borrower’s return, while one after the contract modification is obtained in tenant Ryu known to Pharaoh in order to borrow money, to mortgage the house and secretly gave a man named Bao. ‘this process can be seen, both the true meaning of the lease contract does not establish the relationship.’

And Ryu play money to Pharaoh’s 400,000, in the end is a rental or loan, the court also found. Pharaoh said, this is actually 400,000 loan in which the sum of 900,000, which is confirmed Ryu dunning letters for both sides repeatedly borrowing relationship, Ryu no reasonable explanation for the contradictions, there is no further evidence, so determined that 400,000 is not a rental.

As described Ryu, who stay in May decoration, June property record, ‘Do not rule out a mortgage to counter Bao form.’

In summary, the Court held that this lease contract is contrary to the general rule of thumb for life, does not have the substance of the lease contract, so the tenant does not confront Miss Sun Ryu requirements petition to vacate the house, but also the lack of factual basis. Thus ruling , dismissed the appeal and upheld the original verdict.

Buy second-hand housing

We carefully indeed it

In August last year to buy this suite, Ms. Sun’s life was completely shredded. Recall, she said, be careful to buy this house, looked around five or six times, did not even find someone living ah. ‘Old dusty ground high, scattered a few things, but the agency said the landlord was removed to sell them. ‘

Although cautious, but why the house did not deliver it in advance of play money? Key details on this, Ms. Sun has not answer.

Only then ask them to sign an intermediary undertaking, consent submitted before the agency paid the balance due, while Ms. Sun to get three cards is that all the procedures done.

And it is precisely this aspect, leading to big trouble later: Ms. Sun watched three cards arrived, they watched the house fell on a 20-year lease contract.

Of course, the primary cause tricky situation, or a landlord Pharaoh: In order to borrow money, a house two to eat, while from the outset, he deliberately concealed both lease and mortgage the house to do.


Operating under high temperature heat stroke is also claiming for compensation


N reporter intern Liang Gaoxiao Lisi Ling

WASHINGTON ‘heat stroke at work, you can apply for work-related injuries do?’ ‘Reject operation at high temperatures, but was expelled, how do?’ Yesterday, reporters in Fuzhou Road, a new clinic to see a doctor, met Xiao Zhao and workers Zhang. interview, the reporter learned that Xiao Zhao and Zhang have experienced damages the interests of working under high temperature, but do not know how to defend their rights problems.

[High rights cases a] heat stroke at work How to apply for work-related injuries?

Xiao Zhao is a construction worker from Sichuan, has recently been working at high temperatures, heat stroke, and spent a thousand dollars for medical expenses. Xiaozhao want to apply for work-related injuries, but do not know how to apply.

Lawyers say: Fujian Min Jun Zhuo Wenbin law firm lawyers said that workers in jobs in hot weather cause heat stroke, the diagnosis of occupational diseases, enjoy the work injury insurance benefits. Xiaozhao first go to the diagnosis of occupational organizations, heat stroke is recognized occupational category, then put the diagnosis of occupational identification book, labor contracts and other materials to the labor department related injuries.

(Note: Fuzhou diagnosis of occupational organizations: the masses Road 95, the CDC, the Provincial Road 282 glorious Occupational Disease Prevention Hospital, after County Road 18, the provincial coal mine infirmaries.

[High rights cases two] but was fired from the company refused to hot work

Sally is a welder, he signed a labor contract with the company has expressly agreed: Companies should provide the working conditions of sunstroke, but Zhang found that the site did not heatstroke measures, many workers have heat stroke. ‘ such a hot day, the company also arranged for me to work, I was rejected, I give the company also dismissed. ‘

Lawyers say: Cho said the lawyer, hot weather, the employer must prepare for their employees cool, sun, hot weather of equipment, goods and medicines, etc. If the employer does not provide summer cooling measures, employees have the right to refuse to work. Therefore dismissed if the employer staff, the staff may request financial compensation.

□ cold temperatures Reflections

High Protection as a ‘legend’ annual ‘conscience’ people ‘frequent cold heart.’

2013’s summer, the very memorable just hot, hot work and avoidable death tragedy. Changsha consecutive two sanitation workers died of heat stroke, a sanitation worker in Hangzhou commuting fell away, Fuzhou construction workers on a construction site near the midday heat killed because ……

Why the high temperature period can not rest? For workers ‘people-oriented’ care gone? Endless tragedy in front of these questions can not be only a silent answer.

In fact, all levels of government regulations sunstroke executive power at the grassroots level is often compromised, with mung bean soup, Agastache water instead of high subsidies have been considered as a ‘conscience’ Worse still, altogether without a trace. High subsidies paid to the ‘conscience live’? This situation can not help but let the public in the ‘conscience’ in front of ‘cold heart.’ This can not let people questioned whether the relevant provisions became a ‘dead letter.’

Even more sad is that high labor force in the dark of their rights. ‘Do not know’ behind the workers because of fear of ‘losing their jobs’ and give up the maintenance of the rights and interests of their own, all aspects of society should Reflection high subsidies not only about legislation to implement accelerated policy refinement, strengthen the implementation, and more importantly, the need to focus on the dignity of workers. (According to the Xinhua News Agency Xinhua)