Micro-channel, do not forget early heart

Micro-channel is like a train can not stop in time two years and six months to get 400 million users, the growth rate ranks first among the global scientific community simply it’s original intention, but the mobile Internet communication tools in a human , and now, it has gradually collapsed in the real world of increasingly large commercial power.

Overall, micro-channel 5.0 iPhone version than I expected, either commercially or try to introduce some new services, but now the micro-channel in the end going to do?

From the just-released version of micro-channel 5.0iPhone of view, the first micro-channel games << >> By eliminating every love Timex Artists Tencent game development studio, just to market one day, they go beyond 2 >> << Zombies, rushed to the Apple App Store free top position.

Micro-payment letter also came with a tengxuncai’s license. Although now also buried under the public account, but with the increase in usage scenarios, placing him in the PC era was under Alipay TenPay, can not borrow Machine gorgeous?

Similarly with the micro-channel mobile Internet boarded the ship intended to be placed there ‘commercialization’ high hopes ‘to sweep’ is simply swept Tencent’s various business lines .3 C product diversion to the Tencent electricity supplier under the easy fast network, ‘ Sweep Cover ‘can sweep books, CD, and movies, can be directly imported QQ music music library, sweeping’ Street ‘is given Tencent SO SO map is said Tencent news client and QQ browser will assume micro-channel media business, as Tencent mobile Butler will be for the whole micro-channel security escort.

Make money through value-added services business model, Tencent ease, for Tencent major business, the micro believe this is really the perfect entrance, but not perfect micro-channel, at least a handful of face expression now stores are not even passable.

Micro-channel’s official slogan is ‘You might want to, and micro-channel world simultaneously.’ That micro-channel world, what is? In my opinion, micro-channel of the world should be the world’s micro-channel, rather than Tencent’s World World’s micro-channel is what ? Ma gave the two words, one ‘commercialization’, the second is ‘international.’

It is conceivable that future scans movie cover resources can also directly left Tencent video, location-based e-commerce can be left to buy site Tencent investment acquisitions and F group of high-net friends, but I also hope that, through micro-channel, you can see the love Fantastic Art Youku and Sohu video, and potatoes, and perhaps the future can also see YouTube. Through LBS, also on the handle, the U.S. group buy site, etc., and even Groupon.

If we say that two years ago, but Tencent micro-channel Guangzhou Research Institute produced a mobile Internet products, it now appears, micro-channel is a ‘Tencent’ integral login mobile Internet world, ‘platform ticket.’ Standing on the platform is no longer micro-channel lonely figure, but the entire Tencent the future, Tencent to open a micro-channel, so that Chinese Internet links all over the world do?

Ma once joked micro letter: ‘just a platform ticket, can not sit in the end do not know a person or team up do not know, a lot of people try to live in harmony or will fight do not know.’ Moment for the company’s internal many businesses, Mr. Ma is a choice and for you, the Tencent micro-channel as other businesses in the mobile Internet on the total entrance to the least money tyrants of the most beautiful location, a closed-loop business model has started to take shape.

This from the establishment of the user model to establish an effective revenue model path, with the traditional QQ growth similar way, micro-channel doing is by virtue of massive user base, creating a commercial platform, 5.0 micro-channel chose to go an old road in here, I vaguely see is ‘mobile QQ’ shadow, the original intention of QQ on the PC side to move the mobile end-stop service level, and ultimately makes mobile QQ micro-channel fell behind, until being subverted, they remembered Users But that is a necessary tool for Friends Contact Bale. Zhang Xiaolong to repeat it? when the micro-channel is no longer the first micro-channel, and become profitable business PC to copy all of the QQ, this really is Zhang Xiaolong want? while whether micro-channel because it becomes a deep and heavy products, and in the mobile Internet era left behind?

Written to this and would like to ask micro-channel one, do you remember micro-channel first version of the description of it? ‘Send and receive messages, take pictures to share, contact friends.’ Do you remember the open micro-channel, the planet context, that a human lonely silhouettes do ? you, my dear micro-channel, it hopes to become a stake after being Ali Sina microblogging Fair? Southern economic commentator Xie Rui