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Direction of’ motion Zoning Adjustment program small province ‘program several abortion, experts believe that China should draw in 65 provinces to draw small province controversy

Our reporter Zhou Limin Beijing reported

Eighteen major various matters relating to structural reform on the agenda. Equally important to most of the system ‘reform’ zoning adjustment ‘also motion.

Recently, the China Business Reporter >> << informed the relevant department bureau is studying a new round of zoning adjustment, is now in the discussion phase of the program. Direction of the current round of Zoning Adjustment program or expansion of small provincial municipalities are the industry The focus of widespread concern.

Prior to this, the eighteen major report on the specific requirements of the administrative reform: ‘strict control mechanism to prepare and reduce the number of leadership positions, reduce administrative costs’ optimize the administrative level and the administrative divisions set many industry experts believe that zoning adjustment is an important direction of deepening reform.

‘Eighteen of the report referred to optimize administrative divisions set up, let the leadership of the civil affairs department is very excited.’ Informed sources revealed to reporters said.

It is reported that the Secretary for the Ministry of Civil Affairs division is organizing a study of a new round of regionalization. Afterward, the reporter asked the Secretary to the Ministry of Civil Affairs divisions, and the other did not deny, but did not give a clear answer for concrete progress and direction.

In theoretical circles, the adjustment has been at the exploratory stage of discussions since the reform and opening up, China’s zoning adjustment has been cautiously lesser extent, China has 34 provincial-level administrative units, remove the three ‘Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao’ Administrative Region of the extra-territorial, 31 provincial-level administrative divisions under the central leadership and the State Council to carry out the various economic, social, and cultural activities.

The experts believe that China’s current administrative divisions unreasonable, and some provinces in the region is too large, difficult to manage, the term very difficult for the Government went through each of the counties. Well as the provincial government zoning area large population, management more difficult, such as Shandong and Henan, as well as the provinces population and zoning area is not large, such as Hainan provincial administrative resources can not be brought into full play and release.

‘Zoning Adjustment is a general trend, the current zoning division are considered in terms of management and control, and some are classified according to the needs of the political and military, and the current economic development does not fit.’ The director of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the National School of Administration of Professor Zhang Zhanbin Road a necessity of Zoning Adjustment. Secretary-General of the Chinese Society of regional economic the Chen Yao perspective of the Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Industrial Economics of industrial layout and Regional Economic Research, a similar but Chen Yao-also believe that is not the provincial zoning bigger adjustments, ‘too many interests involved, from higher levels of government and lower-level officials of the game is too heavy.’

Despite zoning adjustment be adjusted, as a multi-faceted ‘cube’ every step of the integration movement will affect the situation as a whole, the Fun it needs to have the courage and wisdom. Efforts to step Zoning Adjustment is not easy to achieve, but the the reality path of exploration has never stopped.

In 2004, when he was Chief of the Ministry of Civil Affairs Quhuadiming Dai Junliang revealed in an interview with Hong Kong media, China’s reform of administrative divisions will be completed within two years after the reform will be located 50 provincial-level administrative region in China but this message is then of Home Ministry denied the false news, the reporter learned from authoritative sources, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has been doing research, but the outcome of the research stage never entered the operational level.

‘Resource elements to facilitate the flow and administration for the purpose of planning a small province, can break down some of the administrative barriers,’ declined to be named, the experts said, the capital of the poverty belt around Beijing’s ring is the unresolved problems for many years, imagine if Zhangjiakou allocated to Beijing and Chengde, these problems can be solved.

The Party School of the CPC Central Committee, deputy director of the International Institute for Strategic Studies Upon his view, there are 50 state-level units of the U.S. population of 300 million, China’s 1.3 billion people, more than 30 provincial units. Obviously management scope is too large. ‘Provincial County straight pipe ‘reform look less like the number of counties in Hainan, the number of districts and counties of Chongqing management is more reasonable view from the experience and effectiveness of their reform, improving efficiency, saving administrative costs.’ under step necessary to combine ‘provincial tube County’ zoned small provincial area of reform linkage from the provincial level, the number of regions, I think may be more appropriate 65. ‘Zhou Tianyong said.

Learned from the relevant source expansion the municipalities also by the Ministry of Civil Affairs to consider as the direction of Zoning Adjustment. Few provincial cities and municipalities, such as Shenyang, Dalian, Qingdao, Jinan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Hangzhou municipalities are likely to be. Currently, there are more than 600 cities, in the context of the rapid progress of urbanization, the moment the city has enough to carry and adsorption of the future increase in the urban population, it is necessary to add a few large cities in the formation of urban agglomerations.

Municipalities ‘expansion’

The newspaper reference room / Figure

Next Zoning Adjustment mainstream direction for the program whether the small province, more than industry experts believe that the difficulty of the operation.

According to informed sources, the early years ago, programmed in office has inspired a number of research institutions to do research in this area, but the end did below. It is reported that wearing both benign after Hong Kong media ‘blasting’, has been the State Council leaders tactful criticism, which from the side mapping out ‘draw a small province into the operational level is not yet mature.

‘Spin-off which province it means that the site of what province is weakened, this would have been the local leaders obstruction.’ The National Development and Reform Commission of Territorial Development and Regional Economic Institute of Xiao Jincheng opposed to ‘draw a small province zoning adjustment the direction, in his opinion, additional provinces but increased administrative barriers, is not conducive to regional economic development and economic integration should weaken the administrative divisions and additional economic zone. Economic Zone is a good means to strengthen the role of the market to weaken the government, additional zoning is to additional government’s border and the addition of a number of administrative permission, which does not comply with the direction of the transition to a service-oriented government of mainstream.

Reporters learned from the relevant source expansion municipalities by the Ministry of Civil Affairs as the direction of Zoning Adjustment to consider. Chen Yao-endorsed this zoning adjustment mainstream direction: ‘The most appropriate way is the expansion of municipalities, some provincial cities and plans to separate city most likely to become the next batch of municipalities. ‘

Currently, a few provincial cities and municipalities, such as Shenyang, Dalian, Qingdao, Jinan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Hangzhou and other municipalities are likely to be.

Chen Yao-explain Currently, there are more than 600 cities, in the context of the rapid progress of urbanization, the moment the city has enough to carry and adsorption of the future increase in the urban population, it is necessary to add a few big cities to the formation of urban agglomerations. Zhang Zhanbin point of view, the same, Zhang Zhanbin future urbanization rate is at least an increase of 20 points, which means that there are 400 million people into the city, so the city group is one of the important path of urbanization.

‘There can be appropriate to increase the number of cities the development of urbanization in China for so many years, many cities have been great development, but also some new city, but the overall point of view, from the 1990s, the number of cities did not increase , but rather to reduce .90 late, in order to control the county to city ‘Great Leap Forward’, established as a city policy tightening, actually a city to get stuck. ‘said Zhang Zhanbin, China has so many people. the city, can not rely on the existing city, to take into account such a large country, population distribution should have a balancing problem, there should be additional cities to ease some of the mega-cities pressure. tighten up a city policy also makes sense in the past, but along with economic and social development, the long-term effect of this policy in the context of promoting urbanization development, also needs to be improved.

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Photo: THAT Zoning Adjustment municipalities expansion "into direction

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