The EU supports the Arab League and the United Nations to resolve the Syrian crisis

The EU supports the Arab League and the United Nations to resolve the Syrian crisis

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13 People, Brussels, February 13 (Reporters Sun Tianren) European Union Foreign and Security Policy High Representative Paddy Ashdown said in a statement, the significant decisions made by the League of Arab States Foreign Ministers’ Meeting to increase the international community to pressure the Syrian authorities. She welcomed the Arab League foreign ministers’ meeting to make decisions and commitments to support the leadership role of the Arab League in resolving the Syrian crisis which

Ashton said the EU’s primary goal is to stop the violence immediately. In view of this, have indicated their support for any program to help achieve this purpose, including support for the League of Arab States and the United Nations to achieve the peaceful settlement of the Syrian crisis. Ashton said she many communication, and Arab League Secretary General and the United Nations to discuss how to put into action as soon as possible.

She again called for an emergency UN Security Council members to show at such a critical moment to be more responsible. The same time, Ashton is also welcome to the Syrian authorities to impose more economic pressure. She stressed that the EU foreign ministers will on the 27th of this month through a new round of economic sanctions against Syria.

Ashton said the EU welcomes and will actively participate in the Syrian Friends of the convening of the International Conference on Syria in order to reach an international consensus to come up with an emergency program to stop violence, to alleviate the pain of the Syrian people.