Survey: Nearly 60% of car buyers are gradually favored for the redemption or purchase of a used car

BEIJING, Aug. 10 (automotive channels Huang Yu) August 9th, market advice and insight into the company Nielsen and the Association of Automobile Manufacturers issued jointly by the Automotive Consumer White Paper >> << first-tier cities (hereinafter referred to as << White Paper >> ).

It is reported that the White Paper << >> focus re-purchase needs of the dominant first-tier cities, and clearly pointed out in the depression of the value of the configuration requirements of automotive electronics, used cars and replacement, auto loans services, auto companies can make the product and marketing innovation. Nelson China vice president of the crops are divided into the following four aspects described.

Redemption and the purchase into a trend accounted for 58% proportion of the car population

Nelson and the Association of Automobile Manufacturers << White Paper >> study found that first-tier cities of Beijing as the representative of redemption and repeat purchase of the car has reached a new car in the car owners to purchase 58% of the proportion of the population, which increased for the purpose to upgrade The main accounting for 35%, the redemption owners accounted for 23%.

Intention models from the point of view, the main early car and then purchase the main models 12 million, preferences, no significant difference between the purchase price of the owners of more than 120,000 yuan, the burden of increasing car owners for between 12 and 30 million intermediate cars (including the C-class cars) and a higher the limousine intention more than 500,000 yuan, the upgrade redemption owners of different priced SUV is more preferences.

The second car owners are young, but they experience through the use of the car has some function of the formation of personal preference. ‘Nelson, vice president of crops said.

Automotive electronic systems favored consumers willing to pay high prices

Nelson and the Association of Automobile Manufacturers << White Paper >> 12 categories of automotive electronic configuration, the number of protective security system when consumers buy cars was limited to consider up to 14% followed by the braking system, to reach 12 % ratio.

In this regard, the Executive Vice President and Secretary General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, said: ‘Currently in the automotive market, a number of advanced security and dynamic configuration models of the low-level assembly is still relatively low, while consumer demand is very urgent. If the enterprise can effectively improve the level of small displacement and entry-level model of electronic and digital, which will help to change the habits of consumers seeking the perfection of the car, more choices, cost-effective high-economy cars. ‘

Consumers increasingly tend to second-hand car willingness to buy up to 31%

After 10 years of market development, China’s second-hand car sales have exceeded four million annual compound growth rate above 25%, the future used car market is still pregnant with the huge demand potential. << White Paper ‘show, are willing to buy second-hand car proportion of consumers plan to buy cars consumers still as high as 31% after 70 and 80 after the mainstream consumers of used cars, car price lower than the owners of 8 million entry-level and higher than the 500,000 or more The luxury car owners to buy a used car intention highest.

It is reported that in the considerations in the purchase of used cars, vehicle price and age of the consumer is most concerned about two factors. In addition, the entry-level car owners tend to consider the convenience of the car service, intermediate owners give more consideration to the vehicles residual value.

At present, the major auto companies have been offering certified used vehicle sales and service. Survey found that most preferred by the owners of entry-level car channel used car trade center, and mid-size car owners and luxury car owners to consider second-hand automobile manufacturers certification car dealer.

To provide personalized financial solutions to master the auto finance market

According to Nielsen’s projections, the next five years, the domestic automobile consumption loans, the scale is expected to more than 400 billion yuan. Survey shows that consumer car loans to consider the degree of 26%, which also indicates that the huge demand for automotive financial services in the plan purchase consumers, population 80 on car loans have a higher intention to use, 35% after 80 and 28% of 90 consumers are willing to use a car loan, this ratio is only 18% at 60, 50 only 3%.

‘Both commercial banks, auto finance institutions, and see a car loan this expanding cake.’ Nelson, vice president of crops, and who the young consumers of the characteristics of a higher demand for loans, provide a more flexible down payment, loan interest rate and repayment personalized financial solutions at the same time, aspects of its financial pressure to meet other consumer applications, will determine who has the more promising. ‘

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Crazy wheelchair basketball

Nanfang Daily (Reporter / Li Qiang intern / Wangmeng Yu correspondent / Mai Jiaxin Yesterday was the ‘National Fitness Day’, the Provincial Disabled Sports and Arts Centre, the Provincial Association of Sports for the Disabled held in Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center ‘National Disability Fitness Day’ activity.

Activities First Provincial Disabled woman in wheelchair basketball team to carry out routine combat training, showing disabled wheelchair basketball fitness programs to attract more people stopped to watch, warm atmosphere. ‘I feel life force’, a wheelchair basketball tournament for the first time people watching the author said.

Experience in the subsequent session, from South China Agricultural University, Mike first wheelchair, three consecutive shots, but did not score. ‘Peacetime he often play basketball, but this experience wheelchair shot, feeling not easy disabled athletes the. ‘

Provincial Disabled woman in wheelchair basketball coach, said Chen Qi, wheelchair basketball practice generally only a few months we can achieve more skilled level, this sport has a strong therapeutic effect, very suitable for the disabled in the promotion.

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Shenzhen treatment men impotence of the best hospitals where _ Shenzhen Southern Men’s Hospital! Shenzhen treatment men impotence of the best hospitals where? Shenzhen Southern men and hospital experts said the men had impotence, is a very hit one thing, men are more sensitive disease, mainly for the penis fully erect or erection is not firm that can not be a complete normal sexual life impotence for men is a serious blow for physical hazards are also very large.

The Shenzhen treatment men impotence of the best hospitals in the? Shenzhen Hospital, in the South Male experts, the cause of male impotence, clinical roughly divided into psychogenic impotence and organic impotence. In addition, the impotence of great harm, is suffering from impotence must be treated in time.

A spirit of impotence. Ejaculation is a complex conditioned reflex regulation of the cerebral cortex nerve center, due to the unhealthy sex life, or pre-marital sexual misconduct, or improper sexual intercourse, may panic, fear, anxiety phenomenon, the woman easy sex, man is prone to impotence, premature ejaculation.

2, the primary disease of organic impotence. Organic premature ejaculation may be related to the urinary system or other systems related to about 70 percent of impotence is caused by atherosclerosis and hypertension, patients with diabetes, about half of them to varying degrees impotence, 10% of patients in chronic alcoholism disease can cause impotence. At the same time, severe pelvic fracture, testicular disease, prostate surgery and chronic prostatitis, chronic kidney disease, hyperthyroidism and other important reason is also a cause of impotence.

The impotence hazards:

, Impotence is likely to cause psychological burden of patients: first, the male psychological harm, male impotence will cause a serious psychological burden, this pressure is a serious affect their normal work and study and long-term depressed mood , will make them immune hypofunction, causing disease.

, Impotence and marital relations: impotence, is the cause of the unusual facts of married life, not only affect the health of men, but also a threat to the couple’s harmony and happiness.

, Impotence easily lead to male infertility: sperm-egg binding gave birth to a new life basis. Impotence in patients with penile erection difficult, will lose sperm to the female cervix, and some technology to forced sex, can not nurture a healthy little life.

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The EU supports the Arab League and the United Nations to resolve the Syrian crisis

The EU supports the Arab League and the United Nations to resolve the Syrian crisis

2012-02-14 05:59 Source: People’s Network Print Close

13 People, Brussels, February 13 (Reporters Sun Tianren) European Union Foreign and Security Policy High Representative Paddy Ashdown said in a statement, the significant decisions made by the League of Arab States Foreign Ministers’ Meeting to increase the international community to pressure the Syrian authorities. She welcomed the Arab League foreign ministers’ meeting to make decisions and commitments to support the leadership role of the Arab League in resolving the Syrian crisis which

Ashton said the EU’s primary goal is to stop the violence immediately. In view of this, have indicated their support for any program to help achieve this purpose, including support for the League of Arab States and the United Nations to achieve the peaceful settlement of the Syrian crisis. Ashton said she many communication, and Arab League Secretary General and the United Nations to discuss how to put into action as soon as possible.

She again called for an emergency UN Security Council members to show at such a critical moment to be more responsible. The same time, Ashton is also welcome to the Syrian authorities to impose more economic pressure. She stressed that the EU foreign ministers will on the 27th of this month through a new round of economic sanctions against Syria.

Ashton said the EU welcomes and will actively participate in the Syrian Friends of the convening of the International Conference on Syria in order to reach an international consensus to come up with an emergency program to stop violence, to alleviate the pain of the Syrian people.