Word association test to be promoted apple squared input method

Squared input method has always been the dream of a fruit powder stuff, someone cried for it, someone desperate for it, it was for it to change course. Saying that fruit powder that iOS 7 beta4 version added a squared input method, and cried, which kind of shaking ZZZZZZZZZ change triggered numerous fruit powder every night revelry. YY end, return to the topic, today we have right to an apple squared input method measured to see if it really really easy to use.

Since iOS 7 beta4 version added squared input method state line version only supported devices, so we also got a version of the iPhone 5 a telecommunications for experience. Taking into account this time squared input method is Apple’s first time, so We still some worry about its actual performance, so we will also be squared with the native Android and Windows Phone system input method input method squared to do a comparison, look at what they really are different.

Apple squared input method the overall design style is looking more comfortable, but practicality is also relatively strong, but also takes into account most of the user’s habits. Also in squares state also supports English input, but from the experience in terms of input , it is not easy, if not particularly interested in, we recommend that you enter text or use the full keyboard to enter it.

On its own Chinese input, apple squares in common terms and phrases on the inputs are not the problem, but are also relatively good association ability to quickly identify the exact words, but a sentence, no problems, but in some of the idioms and the occasional aspects of the phrase will be used in the performance is not very good. example: ‘All good things come to an end,’ the phrase in the squared input method is no way to break out, and need to find at least four times to these words Complete show, but this is not Apple’s input method association ability enough, but squared input Predictive ability is not enough, because we are also in a state full keyboard input is accurate to play out.

Three today, 24 hours before collecting voluntary

WASHINGTON (Reporter Liu yesterday reporter learned from the Provincial Admissions, college admission based on province of work, the third installment undergraduate from 24 pm yesterday, 22 today online solicitation volunteer, qualified candidates can log Shaanxi Enrollment Information Network (www.sneac.com reported.

As at 22:00 on the 8th, most institutions have completed three batches of undergraduate programs. Require institutions collecting voluntary information posted on the entrance examination in Shaanxi information online, completing three volunteer has not yet been admitted candidates, as well as to achieve three control points while the previous never apply for three candidates, collecting voluntary reporting can access To give candidates the opportunity to provide more choice, three collecting voluntary voluntary institutions set up six columns report whether all selected by the candidates to decide.

Provincial Admissions Reminder: Candidates should pay attention to collecting voluntary reporting scheme shortfall institutions lowest ranking requirements, reach their lowest ranking candidates in the reporting requirements, the system will prompt ‘you do not meet the institution’s reporting Minimum order of precedence. ‘In addition, three institutions generally charge higher fees, over the three individual candidates exist collecting voluntary reporting the first day of volunteering, go back the next day and asked to give admission and we hope the majority of candidates selected three Always be careful when volunteering.

Provincial Admissions also remind students and parents, wary of any site other than the so-called alienation admission Admission behavior, beware of enrollment fraud.

Huangshi Xiao sub lorry one hundred kilometers to escort the remains of his father donated to the Han

Metropolis Daily News newspaper reporter Chen Lingyan

Yellowstone to Wuhan, about 100 km. For Liu, the section of track is a special farewell.

Earlier this year, his father in the local Red Cross signed a Letter of Intent cadaveric organ donation. Because no local station, on the 7th morning, after

the death of his father, the body must be sent as soon as possible Wuhan Liu personally escort vehicle, on the same day Han arrived at noon, he said, to accompany his father finish the final leg, the last wish was father was his son as a ‘must do.’

Yesterday, the Wuhan City, the Irish Red Cross Eye Bank staff Ming Wei confirmed that elderly people donated corneas in good condition, will enable two people see again.

The old man wanted to leave something to the world

Yesterday, Liu told reporters that his father Liu Cheng Zhengsheng a former Yellowstone local secondary school teacher, and his humble man. Retired, still maintains a cheerful old open-minded temperament. ‘He said nothing glorious achievements of his life, if one day departed, leaving when to leave something like. ‘Liu recalls.’ Now remember, my father wanted to be a good few years ago, the future remains to donate something. ‘Last year, the old man was diagnosed with esophageal cancer Soon, the old man made a formal donation of bodies to the family thing.

Repeatedly to persuade the family to sign donated books

Donations from a proposal to close relatives of the consent, the process is not easy. ‘In our local, people’s thinking is still relatively traditional feel buried considered successful, so after his father asked to donate the body, many relatives and friends are opposed.’ Liu said his father began one by one to the family to do the work, ‘especially my mother, she began to accept, firmly opposed to the end, lost his father repeated persuasion, finally said through a.’

In April this year, the old man in Yellowstone Red Cross remains on organ donation consent form signed his name. Liu said, so far, donations are still some friends of his father said they did not understand something, but this is his father’s wishes, we do children have to help him to achieve.

They were donated to sight

7 morning, the elderly walked After a brief farewell friends, under the coordination of the local Red Cross, Mr. Liu boarding, escorted his father’s body toward Wuhan.

‘Personally escorted the remains to the family, very rare.’ Yesterday, the Wuhan University School of cadaveric organ teacher terminal contacts Xiao Xun again, the ‘hard to imagine how they bear the grief, the venerable!’

Saw his father’s body was safe to receive, and learned the news of donated corneas available, Mr. Liu Zhaoyan circle, bowed deeply to his father’s body.

Ming Wei said the family’s dedication is very admirable, ‘Because of organ donation remains in place to carry out the work quite late, some of the local Red Cross can only do register, you can not receive the remains. Although many people signed the will, but a I heard only in Wuhan donated directly to give up. ‘

It was explained that Mr. Liu cornea of good quality, will be able to help two blind patients out of the darkness.

[Follow the mass line transfer work style] Gansu Province total educational practice “classroom” to move to the relief line

WASHINGTON (Reporter correspondent Zhang Jin Kang learn before MINXIAN Zhangxian 6.6 earthquake, Gansu Provincial People’s Congress deputy director of the provincial Federation of Trade Unions President Sun Xiaodong led Provincial Federation of Trade Unions leaders and cadres in-depth earthquake relief with 65 million to relief funds, not only on-site guidance to help the affected masses of workers to solve production and living difficulties, and the educational practice of the ‘class’ also moved relief line.

Sun Xiaodong, said: ‘earthquake relief for the mass line education is our best classroom practice, hit the scene is the home of implementing the mass line is get rid of formalism and bureaucracy in the classroom, the needs of people in disaster areas is the direction of the rectification cadres at all levels and goals. ‘

In the Party’s mass line educational practice, the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions to seriously implement the central and provincial work conference, according to ‘make union characteristics, training union highlights, walking in the forefront of the provincial authorities’ requirements, adhere to leadership and insist problem-oriented, adhere to the door remonstrance, adhere line rectification, solve problems and do practical things for the masses of workers and good things.

Educational practice activities since the total party secretary of Gansu Province, Executive Vice President Li Xuechun went to Lanzhou, Jinchang, Zhangye and Portland stone Group, Jinchuan, Jing Coal Group and other units, deep mines, workshops, team held a forum to understand the front-line workers production and living conditions, with an open mind to listen to opinions and suggestions of workers. Provincial Federation of front line leaders also find other formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism and Wasteful prominent issues.

Currently, Gansu Province, the total is to ‘1221’ project as a carrier for the masses of workers to solve problems and do practical things and good things: ‘1’ is an action that ‘the village linked families, enriching the people’ actions, ‘2’ are two activities, namely ‘into the enterprise, visit workers, do solid work, and promote development’ and ‘wearing the emblem, bright identity, strong style, image building’ activities, ’21’ is to fully grasp the ‘double’ help point Kawamura hardened teeth village road 14 km, 7.58 km refurbishment embankment slope protection, fight against the province’s union workers in difficulty within the 223,000 files helping families achieve full coverage and other assistance 21 practical things.