How Truck Operators can Increase Profits using Vehicle GPS Tracking System

SAM- Smart Automobile Management

SAM is a combination of hardware & software where hardware gets installed in vehicle and connect vehicle to mobile App through cloud connectivity.

Problem FacedBy Truck Owners

Truck owners providing logistic and supply chain solutions have a major problem in controlling the operational cost, many times which goes out of budget and eat up the profits. Operational cost in the system is very much dependent on the vehicle and driver’s performance.

Best Solution for Truck Owners 


GPS Tracking System is not just a live tracking tool, but a tool that helps you analyse vehicle performance. It allows you to set alert for unwanted scenarios, and send instant notifications for set threshold. With advance features like Safe-Zone Alerts’ or ‘Geo-fence Alerts’ you can mark restricted areas on map and get notified on vehicle’s entry and exit. ‘Playback History’ is a full day travel history of vehicle, that can help in controlling frauds and wrong decisions taken by the driver.

Essential data points recorded in a good vehicle tracking system are as follows:

  1. Distance CoveredTotal distance covered for the day.
  2. Run TimeTime for which engine was running ,and vehicle was moving.
  3. Idle TimeTime for which engine was running, but vehicle was not moving.
  4. Maximum SpeedMax speed of the day.
  5. Average SpeedAvg speed of the day.

Weekly or monthly comparison of above data points can give useful insights to make powerful business decisions. Get instant alerts for above data point to take necessary action in time. For example, setting an alert for maximum speed (point 4) helps you restrict your driver under a defined limit. Similarly, there can be alerts and thresholds defined for all data points.

How it works

GPS tracking system is an integration of hardware and software. Hardware needs to get installed in your vehicle so that you can use Mobile App or Web Dashboard, to check everyday performance trip. Mobile App is convenient to use and keeps you handy all the time, however, web dashboard can be very effective for higher number of vehicles.

Cost Overview

There are various hardware-software combinations available in market. Device quality and features integrated in the system is what decides the overall cost. Range of cost for tracking systems available in market:

  1. Hardware costRanging from INR 1,500/- to INR 10,000/-.
  2. Software costRanging from INR 50/month to INR 500/month. 

Grow your profits by reducing the the operational cost. Monitor vehicle daily performance and get instant alerts to avoid unwanted expenses. Correct decision taken at the right time is a key to success.


Photo: driving pleasure, test drive a 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan

Bid farewell to the cold winter and hot summer people can resist the great embrace nature, and sunshine to play the game ‘fun. So, driving wagons, about the 35 friends, to the rustic mountain village and experience the purest the natural flavor of leisure has become the city people are so keen now as a ‘hero’ of traveling by car, a talent excellent all-round SUV always traveling dash of color. it not only with the owners feel to conquer the unknown driving pleasure, but also people sinking heart to experience the elegant and quiet of nature, strong science and technology motivation intrinsic and intimate comfort, make this the hottest models of today’s SUV market, as to show the extraordinary quality of the 2012 Shanghai Volkswagen Tiguan Tiguan become the best choice to travel by car.

Brave fearless traffic freely control

For the adventurous, willing to explore by car owners to embark on an unknown journey, threw determination requires a courage to open up, rose to the challenge boldness of vision, which is also working with Tiguan Tiguan show perfect off-road performance coincides with the Tiguan Tiguan equipped with the 4MOTION intelligent four-wheel-drive system is in the countryside by car to travel a great tool for the Volkswagen Group’s most advanced system equipped with the latest generation Haldex electro-hydraulic torque Manager in response to quickly and timely analysis of the engine speed, engine torque output, four wheels, speed and other signals, according to the status of vehicles to make intelligent judgments to ensure each wheel to get the most grip. Not only have a good off-road performance, the more extra points for the vehicle’s safety performance greatly increased dramatically in the face of bad road conditions through sex. For car enthusiasts, off-road performance superior Tiguan Tiguan is just as intimate. ‘ horses, has become an indispensable partner in his journey.

Photo: driving pleasure, test drive a 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan

Music in which the inherent quality of the rich journey texture

Occasional tired to stop, I also like the slightly lower seat, sat in the Tiguan comfortable leather seats, feeling its delicate touch to ease my long drive fatigue, open sound, a pleasant musical sound from large panoramic sunroof, temporarily put aside the city’s troubles to meditation taste that touch of blue overhead, and experience the harmony between man and nature beauty. ‘idyllic poetic feel in the outskirts of the blue sky, while the Tiguan Tiguan comfortable internal environment, a broad perspective so that he can more fully enjoy the leisure time of the car.

Fade of the original Fast and the Furious, the significance of the trip is to give a thorough physical and mental relaxation and leisure. You a long time covered tired of the bumps in the road, the Tiguan Artisan Alcantara leather seats not only the delicate texture, but also perfect fit human shoulder, lower back and legs curve, excellent ease of travel fatigue, roof, 1360mm, 870mm wide, the glass surface area of up to 1.1 square meters large panoramic sunroof, light transmission area of up to three times that of ordinary skylights, when you traveling in the mountains, fields, fresh and bright spring sunshine will unreservedly pouring into the room, one sitting in the car and enjoy the natural gift of joy wells up.

Photo: driving pleasure, test drive a 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan test drive

Of course, in addition to the comfortable enjoyment of a fine car with large beauty brought the the Tiguan entertainment technology also added to this journey a bit fun .2012 Tiguan Tiguan loaded Bluetooth communication system, MP3 playback, USB / Ipod Interface a number of features, is compatible with a variety of storage devices, to achieve driving, see King, tours the music of multiple driving pleasure. One of the most new with the high-end Dynaudio sound, but also allows you to can enjoy the journey into the hall level moving music law, feel the music and the sun is composed of Spring Concerto.

Tiguan Tiguan brave to open up, feel the surging power of ultimate control experience gentle and meticulous internal care, steeped in the free happy journey.

Photo: driving pleasure, test drive a 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan

Sina car multi-map Detailed domestic Shanghai Volkswagen Tiguan

Thumbnail to see unhappy Click to see high-definition graphical >>

A total of 11 kinds of models more parameters >> basic parameters

Name of model 2012 Tiguan 1.4TSI manual will be version 2012 Tiguan 1.8TSI manual will be version 2012 Tiguan 2.0TSI elite version of four-wheel drive 2012 Tiguan 2.0TSI automatically Ultimate-wheel-drive
Price (million) 18.98 19.98 28.68 30.98
Market prices (million) 19.98 20.48 29.43 32.78
Dimensions (mm) 4525/1809/1665 4525/1809/1665 4525/1809/1665 4525/1809/1665
Wheelbase (mm) 2684 2684 2684 2684
Displacement (ml) 1390 1798 1984 1984
Fuel consumption (L/100KM) 1.2 1.0 10.2 10.5
Emission standards (L/100KM) State 4 State 4 State 4 State 4
Transmission in the form Manual transmission Manual transmission Tiptronic Tiptronic
The number of stalls (a) 6 6 6 6
Warranty Policy 2 years / 60,000 km 2 years / 60,000 km 2 years / 60,000 km 2 years / 60,000 km
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Tiguan into enjoy the version of the current car to the shop replacement to enjoy 6,000 yuan discount
Tiguan give the value of 8000 yuan decoration are car sales
Tiguan into sharing the limited edition come out aiming to cross (Figure)
Tiguan offers some 10,000 yuan to enlarge the maximum cash discount
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2012-07-23 FAW-Volkswagen CC, FAW-Volkswagen Tiguan, Honda CRV,
2012-07-22 like SUV, the price of over two hundred thousand of them
2012-07-17 car
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Picture: the real fun to drive – test drive the new Long moving trumpet cable eight

Initial stand in the eighth generation Sonata (commonly known as cable h) B-Class car market, the original advantage of market of Beijing Hyundai A-class car, but some weakness. At this time, a whole new generation of ELANTRATAG_MARK_TYPE_1_5 officially struck, this was awarded in 2012 North American Car of the Year (North American COTY) ‘,’ Europe 2012 best vehicle selection (AUTOBEST 2012), the Beijing International Auto Show, ‘the most anticipated new car models’ award will be moving Wyatt, Elantra three generations living under one roof, it can help Beijing Hyundai to rediscover the glory of the A-class car? Wen / Wang Canbin

Cable eight MINI

It is said that he had met a sexy strongest, richest sense of the impact of A-class car, and early to see it at first sight, difficult not to be attracted by it. Long moving the overall design still followed the Hyundai Motor ‘fluid sculpture’ design philosophy, and new design ideas based on wind and natural phenomenon for the parent (Wind Craft), like a small cable eight points can also be seen from the picture. In addition to the appearance of rhythmic evolution, I am looking forward to more well-appointed cabin. in my eyes, Long actin fusion of elegant sports car’s high-profile and B-class car, to achieve the perfect balance of play and refined. got into futuristic sense of the cab, soft leather seats and high-level interior materials touch perfectly.

Wheelbase of 2.7 meters

Or flowing sideways too eye-catching, the beginning I did not notice that the Long-moving wheelbase has been a lot of growth. According to the staff, reasonable amount of space allocated to shorten the length of the front overhang and rear overhang, long move wheelbase reach 2700mm approximation of the B-Class criteria. Thus, unlike the habits of the past, test drive, the first entry is not the driver’s seat, but directly got into the back row with satisfactory results.

Overall, due to Lang’s dynamic body interior design ideas to create practical to maximize space, thus making its space utilization is very high, regardless of the rear of the front row, have access to free stretch of space, ideal for this 300 km test drive midway Xiaoxie and the mitigation three hours drive fatigue.

Into Daqingshan area of this mountain, just to experience the moving suspension of Lang. The front and rear suspension with McPherson independent suspension / trailing arm suspension, personal sense of setting is more interested in comfort, filtration bounce a lot of people feel uncomfortable sense, but also to maintain a relatively clear sense of the road after three hours of the test drive, not too good in my lumbar almost did not feel too much discomfort and I think maybe that is Product expert mouth ergonomic integration of the subtleties to it.

Dynamic enough

It really is a stylish car, can take a shuttle means of transport in the fortress of reinforced concrete, it does not hamper its dynamic performance.

Long action equipped with a total of two engines 1.6L and 1.8L, Îł engine which is equipped with 1.6L Long action is also the first to pick up the Nu 1.8L engine models. The latest trends in the stepped shift driving and sports mode 6-speed automated manual transmission through the optimal design to increase their efficiency of variable speed, Long moving the fuel consumption to a higher level to achieve the same level. Recently, the fuel consumption in May China’s Ministry officially announced the latest batch of models, Long move to 6.6L / one hundred kilometers to the forefront; the same time, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry, issued by the Ministry of Finance, and the publication of the eighth installment of ‘energy-saving products that benefit the project’ energy-saving vehicles to promote the directory, Long moving 1.6L models was selected, once again proved its outstanding fuel economy.

Into the driver’s seat, light step on the brake pedal, press a key to the start button, four piston soothing movement, speed pointer steady at 800 rpm. Gear hanging in the D block to lift the brake pedal, this Long zone I briskly pulled out gently slowly through the Ningbo Bridge, I can fully feel it is pleasing delicate and smooth. naturally aspirated engine to display a unique linear and smooth, the power output is very smooth, 6-speed automated manual transmission to give back to a responsive yet the convergence of a smooth driving experience when you need a peace of mind when driving at high speed, the engine will give you a quiet and without losing speed surprise, test drive the process to speed when traveling 100 km / h, the engine noise is minimal and does not influence our conversation with the depth of the throttle, then began to whisper to the roar of the engine power output was significantly changed too sharp. transmission immediately lowered a block feedback instructions, then it will obviously feel an accelerated push back a sense, the advantages will become more apparent as the speed upgrade.


The test drive to and from the past over 300 kilometers, fully shows the manufacturers confidence in the car, the Zhoushan Islands in the end of the summit of Castle Peak, to see clouds billowing, hear the wind blowing the mountains, seems like rippling blue waves at the moment resonates with me. In addition to the landscape, as well as the Long move to bring my heart which at this level, I really can not think of any reason to reject it. only elegant you? Of course not! Only run it? Of course not! It should be considered to achieve a balance in all aspects of work most important to you from it real fun to drive, find your life advocates. I think this is the car’s victory, the future market performance not too bad.

More >> depth test – Sonata eight

Picture: the real fun to drive - test drive the new Long moving trumpet cable eight

Pleasure Index

Cost index 9 points

Test results:
Acceleration (0-100 km / h: 11.09
Brakes (100-0 km / h: 46.51
Measured fuel consumption (L/100KM): 8.7 Advantages: exquisite interior, chassis and tough, cost-effective Disadvantages: weak power, the direction of fuzzy

Sina car professional test driver:

Picture: the real fun to drive - test drive the new Long moving trumpet cable eight Door Guangyuan Picture: the real fun to drive - test drive the new Long moving trumpet cable eight + Concern Comment: Overall, the progress of the eighth-generation Sonata is very obvious, many aspects of the performance even more than the Japanese models, although this is not a suitable ..

Total of eight kinds of models, more parameters >> basic parameters

Name of model 2011 Sonata the eight 2.0GS automatic fashion version 2011 Sonata eight 2.0GLS automatically leading Edition 2011 top version of the Sonata eight 2.0TOP automatically 2011 top version of the Sonata eight 2.4TOP automatically
Price (million) 16.69 17.99 23.29 24.99
Market prices (million) 14.79 16.09 21.24 22.74
Dimensions (mm) 4820/1835/1475 4820/1835/1475 4820/1835/1475 4820/1835/1475
Wheelbase (mm) 2795 2795 2795 2795
Displacement (ml) 1998 1998 1998 2359
Fuel consumption (L/100KM) 9.3 9.7 7.6 10.4
Emission standards (L/100KM) State 4 State 4 State 4 State 4
Transmission in the form Tiptronic Tiptronic Tiptronic Tiptronic
The number of stalls (a) 6 6 6 6
Warranty Policy 5 years / 100,000 km 5 years / 100,000 km 5 years / 100,000 km 5 years / 100,000 km
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Choice of eighth-generation Sonata cars car remember
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Sixty-one Sonata team of the charity tour
The eighth-generation Sonata to lead the new trend of high-class car environmental
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2011-12-28 Sonata eight quality like? Fuel consumption is large you?
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Photo: The new the Porsche Pajun details exposure with a V6 engine

Integrated foreign media reported that Cajun has only recently been named Macan, so we do not know the Porsche Pajun The new models ultimately what name, but we do know that Porsche is currently actively developing this small version of the Panamera, according to Porsche chairman Matthias Müller, revealed that the new model will be for the Porsche model range to attract new customers. Allegedly, this Porsche Pajun will be launched at the end of 2016 or 2017, competitors will lock Audi A6 BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class.The Porsche Pajun details of the exposure

The second generation of the Panamera and the new Pajun will build a new platform called the MSB, the MSB platform is very flexible, can provide a front-engine, mid-mounted engine and rear engine design, and provides a rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive systems.

Although the Pajun competitors will lock Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz introduced the midsize sedan, but its main goal is to A7 Sportback, CLS, and 6 Series Gran Coupe, the new Pajun expected to be available in two body styles: a five Coupe and a models will be released 12 months after the launch of the travel version of sporty models.

Five Pajun Coupe will allegedly be the design of the Audi A5 Sportback and Porsche own inspiration comes from 911 design style fusion to travel edition models will have a third side window, a longer roofline line (with integrated design, rear spoiler) slender wraparound taillights and the tailgate of a depth and a huge rear window, the new Pajun also optional ceramic brakes, PDK gearbox. The air suspension system, four-wheel drive system, torque vectoring system and driver assistance systems.

In the engine, the new Pajun will provide only a V6 engine. Although the Panamera will soon be developed by Audi V8 TDI engine, will be equipped with Pajun provided by the Audi 3.0-liter V6 TDI engine, is expected to provide 260 horsepower and 320 horsepower output level. In addition, the new Pajun will provide two 3.0-liter six-cylinder petrol engine, low-power version will provide the maximum power output of 320 horsepower and 325 pounds – ft (440 Nm) of peak torque output, while the twin-turbo supercharged version should be able to output the maximum power of 420 hp and 413 lbs – ft (560 Nm) of peak torque. In addition, a more powerful turbocharged version of the S model will be able to output the maximum power of 520 horsepower and 502 pounds – ft (680 Nm) of peak torque.

According to sources, the Porsche Pajun starting price will be € 65,000 (equivalent to about 50.9 million yuan) about the price of the top models will be more than 100,000 euros (about 783,000 yuan) (Sally, wang1 compiler)

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Photo: Mai Rui Bao Department of maximum discount of 25 thousand yuan are cars

Sina Auto News recently, edit, learned from Beijing Borui ground and Chevrolet 4S shop, on July 26, the Chevrolet brand together more than 500 nationwide dealer launch drive to enjoy the new value ‘Mai Rui Bao Kui Wai action all models preferential 2-2.5 million, which means that Chinese consumers the first time, the price of less than 150,000 yuan to buy high-class cars in Europe and America. details, please contact Beijing Brilliant handling and Chevrolet (Qinghe Xiaoying flagship store). specific price cuts information as follows:

Mai Rui Bao MSRP (million) 4S shops offer (million) Margin of preference ($) Are car situation
2.0 AT Comfort Edition 16.99 14.99 20000 There are car
2.0 AT Deluxe Edition 17.99 15.99 20000 There are car
2.4 AT Deluxe Edition 19.99 17.49 25000 There are car
2.4 AT Ultimate 22.99 20.49 25000 There are car
Note: The quotations dealer described in this article only. Frequent fluctuations in market prices, actual prices to the store

Snow Folan Mai Rui Bao car size, respectively, length 4859mm, width 1854mm, 1463mm, wheelbase reach 2738mm. Following the Opel Insignia, the new Buick Regal, LaCrosse, from the common world’s most advanced high-class car platform Epsilon platform, a high-class flagship model. Mai Rui Bao has a more sporty exterior design lines is relatively soft, also in line with the needs of the family cars. interior, step Rui Bao continuation Chevrolet classic ‘flying wing double cockpit’ the overall layout of the interior lines is very smooth, 7 inches on the center console mounted flip touch screen is more eye-catching .

In terms of comfort, the biggest selling point is worth mentioning is that the technology of deep-sea Mute. Mai Rui Bao up to 32 mute parts designed and manufactured the Malibu Mai Rui Bao ‘deep-sea effects, especially in the 40km / h to 80 km / hh and 120 km / h three speed values have a distinct advantage. OnStar subsidiary OnStar, the Oscar of the perfect ergonomic seat with 7 inch high resolution touch screen ColorRadio colorful intelligent entertainment audio and video systems Du Mai Rui Bao lot of extra points in terms of comfort.

In terms of security, step Rui Bao body architecture to create a global safety regulations, 67% of the entire vehicle parts of the use of high strength steel, ultra-high strength steel in the A-pillar, B pillar, roof and other parts, the maximum yield strength of up to 1250Mpa the same strength than ordinary steel weight three times, Mai Rui Bao equipped with six airbags and active safety headrest.

Power, pre-listing step Rui Bao will be powered by a 2.0L E-cotec 2.4L SIDI direct injection engine, the back will have 1.6T +6 MT model introduced .2.4 L maximum output power of 137Kw, the maximum torque of 240Nm.2.0 L engine maximum output power of 113Kw, matching with the two engines is a six-speed automatic transmission.

Maintenance information
Warranty period 2 years or 60,000 km Shop recommended maintenance cycle 5000 km
Replace the oil filter costs About 800 yuan Replace the oil filter costs About 1300 yuan
(4S shop price) (4S shop price)
Insurance Information
Store to provide the insurance company PICC Insurance costs About 6000 yuan
(4S shop price) (4S shop price)
Loan information
Loans Loans time and monthly

Editor Comments: The first B-Class sedan as Chevrolet, the Chevrolet brand new Mai Rui Bao and the new Buick Regal sharing platform, listed so far has always been a good degree of concern, but the cost and the relative competitor’s price cut has been is to make consumers feel buy factors hesitant, and now finally also 10000 dollars concessions, coupled with the recent listing of two commemorative models, the basis of the increased configuration, adding the cost of the models on the purchase of the car should be a good choice.

Learn more Beijing market is concerned about Beijing’s automobile market microblogging

Photo: Mai Rui Bao Department of maximum discount of 25 thousand yuan are carsPhoto: Mai Rui Bao Department of maximum discount of 25 thousand yuan are cars

Sina car static experience snow Folan Mai Rui Bao

Mai Rui Bao

Thumbnail to see unhappy Click to see high-definition graphical >> thumbnails to see unhappy
Click to see high-definition graphical >>

More >> depth test – Mai Rui Bao

Photo: Mai Rui Bao Department of maximum discount of 25 thousand yuan are cars

Pleasure Index

Cost index

Test results:
Acceleration (0-100 km / h: 12.16
Brakes (100-0 km / h: 42.64
Measured fuel consumption (L/100KM): – advantages: interior space, comfortable chassis tuning cheerful fun to drive high shortcomings: the full line of 2.0L models without ESP

Sina car professional test driver:

Photo: Mai Rui Bao Department of maximum discount of 25 thousand yuan are cars Door Guangyuan Photo: Mai Rui Bao Department of maximum discount of 25 thousand yuan are cars + Concern Reviews: Mai Rui Bao has a great ability to walk effort, which in the 18 meters around the pile tests have been well verified, precise steering point, rear-wheel feedback ..

Five kinds of models more parameters >> basic parameters

Name of model 2012 Mai Rui Bao 2.0L Automatic Classic 2012 Mai Rui Bao 2.0L automatic comfort version 2012 Mai Rui Po 2.4L Automatic Deluxe Edition 2012 Mai Rui Bao 2.4L automatic Ultimate
Price (million) 16.29 16.99 19.99 22.99
Market prices (million) 15.04 15.74 18.74 21.74
Dimensions (mm) 4869/1854/1466 4869/1854/1472 4869/1854/1472 4869/1854/1472
Wheelbase (mm) 2737 2737 2737 2737
Displacement (ml) 1998 1998 2384 2384
Fuel consumption (L/100KM) 8.2 8.3 8.8 9.1
Emission standards (L/100KM) State 4 State 4 State 4 State 4
Transmission in the form Tiptronic Tiptronic Tiptronic Tiptronic
The number of stalls (a) 6 6 6 6
Warranty Policy 2 years / 60,000 km 2 years / 60,000 km 2 years / 60,000 km 2 years / 60,000 km
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Survey: Nearly 60% of car buyers are gradually favored for the redemption or purchase of a used car

BEIJING, Aug. 10 (automotive channels Huang Yu) August 9th, market advice and insight into the company Nielsen and the Association of Automobile Manufacturers issued jointly by the Automotive Consumer White Paper >> << first-tier cities (hereinafter referred to as << White Paper >> ).

It is reported that the White Paper << >> focus re-purchase needs of the dominant first-tier cities, and clearly pointed out in the depression of the value of the configuration requirements of automotive electronics, used cars and replacement, auto loans services, auto companies can make the product and marketing innovation. Nelson China vice president of the crops are divided into the following four aspects described.

Redemption and the purchase into a trend accounted for 58% proportion of the car population

Nelson and the Association of Automobile Manufacturers << White Paper >> study found that first-tier cities of Beijing as the representative of redemption and repeat purchase of the car has reached a new car in the car owners to purchase 58% of the proportion of the population, which increased for the purpose to upgrade The main accounting for 35%, the redemption owners accounted for 23%.

Intention models from the point of view, the main early car and then purchase the main models 12 million, preferences, no significant difference between the purchase price of the owners of more than 120,000 yuan, the burden of increasing car owners for between 12 and 30 million intermediate cars (including the C-class cars) and a higher the limousine intention more than 500,000 yuan, the upgrade redemption owners of different priced SUV is more preferences.

The second car owners are young, but they experience through the use of the car has some function of the formation of personal preference. ‘Nelson, vice president of crops said.

Automotive electronic systems favored consumers willing to pay high prices

Nelson and the Association of Automobile Manufacturers << White Paper >> 12 categories of automotive electronic configuration, the number of protective security system when consumers buy cars was limited to consider up to 14% followed by the braking system, to reach 12 % ratio.

In this regard, the Executive Vice President and Secretary General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, said: ‘Currently in the automotive market, a number of advanced security and dynamic configuration models of the low-level assembly is still relatively low, while consumer demand is very urgent. If the enterprise can effectively improve the level of small displacement and entry-level model of electronic and digital, which will help to change the habits of consumers seeking the perfection of the car, more choices, cost-effective high-economy cars. ‘

Consumers increasingly tend to second-hand car willingness to buy up to 31%

After 10 years of market development, China’s second-hand car sales have exceeded four million annual compound growth rate above 25%, the future used car market is still pregnant with the huge demand potential. << White Paper ‘show, are willing to buy second-hand car proportion of consumers plan to buy cars consumers still as high as 31% after 70 and 80 after the mainstream consumers of used cars, car price lower than the owners of 8 million entry-level and higher than the 500,000 or more The luxury car owners to buy a used car intention highest.

It is reported that in the considerations in the purchase of used cars, vehicle price and age of the consumer is most concerned about two factors. In addition, the entry-level car owners tend to consider the convenience of the car service, intermediate owners give more consideration to the vehicles residual value.

At present, the major auto companies have been offering certified used vehicle sales and service. Survey found that most preferred by the owners of entry-level car channel used car trade center, and mid-size car owners and luxury car owners to consider second-hand automobile manufacturers certification car dealer.

To provide personalized financial solutions to master the auto finance market

According to Nielsen’s projections, the next five years, the domestic automobile consumption loans, the scale is expected to more than 400 billion yuan. Survey shows that consumer car loans to consider the degree of 26%, which also indicates that the huge demand for automotive financial services in the plan purchase consumers, population 80 on car loans have a higher intention to use, 35% after 80 and 28% of 90 consumers are willing to use a car loan, this ratio is only 18% at 60, 50 only 3%.

‘Both commercial banks, auto finance institutions, and see a car loan this expanding cake.’ Nelson, vice president of crops, and who the young consumers of the characteristics of a higher demand for loans, provide a more flexible down payment, loan interest rate and repayment personalized financial solutions at the same time, aspects of its financial pressure to meet other consumer applications, will determine who has the more promising. ‘

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