Short track World Championships – Wang Meng 500 meters strong atop the new Fan 3rd


2013 Short Track Speed Skating World Championships in Debrecen, Hungary, tonight the second match day of the competition, won in the women’s 500 meters final, the Chinese players Wang Meng strong, scores 43 seconds 718, which Wang Meng sixth World Championship gold medal. another Chinese player could be a new third.

Womens volleyball coach reported candidates released the Cai Bin WangBaoQuan play confidential refused through the list


China news agency, Beijing, March 9 (Reporter Wang Xi) – Hot outside the Chinese women’s volleyball coach candidates, seven local coach in the 9th National Games to be held on the women’s volleyball preliminaries conference, their recommended candidates tight-lipped , closely guarded secret.

On the 6th of this month, Paiguanzhongxin announced FIVB coach of the Chinese team selection work was officially launched, and the first step is composed of 34 experts from the national first-line coach, old coach, old players, experts, representatives and volleyball center officials group coach candidates nomination.

Currently, this link has been basically completed, and who is the most suitable candidate of the minds of many coach will naturally become the focus of attention of the outside world. According to the announcement elect conditions, the newly appointed coach age required in less than 56 years old, and this has also led to the ‘Chen Zhonghe came back to life. ‘speculation.

However, the rumors and the respective recommended candidates for first-line including Beijing coach Cai Bin, seven marshal are tight-lipped, only a few answers as prior good discussion in general. ‘Some of the candidates, but was confidential yet to announce when the Shanghai team feats coach Zhang Liming said so.

As a popular candidate for the two former women’s volleyball coach Cai Bin, Wang Baoquan, more frequently with reporters playing Tai Chi. ‘Wang Baoquan said:’ coach candidates key depends Paiguanzhongxin the the. ‘He told reporters, his work The focus is to lead the Tianjin team to lay the National Games, and strive to achieve the best results.

High voice Cai Bin, half-jokingly said: ‘Everyone candidates are reported, but the newspaper who can not say.’ According to him, each turned over to the recommended candidates, each coach, ‘even among should be kept confidential. ‘

Worth mentioning is that he has a reputation of ‘Little Zhuge’ after the outgoing national team coach, led the Beijing team to the Final Four this season, all the way to become the largest dark horse, the outstanding achievements of led him to get re- the opportunity to return to the national team job. however, Cai Bin, made it clear that: the Beijing women’s volleyball team, there are a bunch of thing to worry about me, I would not consider other.

According to the Chinese women’s volleyball team Xuanshuai plan, Paiguanzhongxin coach candidates plan to be finalized at the end of this month, and the new one of the Chinese women’s volleyball team training organization next month to prepare for the end of May, the Swiss Women Classic.

The 2012ChinaFit Fitness General Assembly, the countdown to the high-end products will be unveiled

The 2012ChinaFit Fitness General Assembly, the countdown to the high-end products will be unveiled Love the handsome (the X-Trend) products

AP London Olympics boom just fade the heat waves of the National Fitness swept from .2012 fitness industry the most remarkable 2012ChinaFit Fitness General Assembly has entered the countdown stage.

The fitness will be held in September 2012, the General Assembly, 2-3 at the Beijing National Convention Center grand opening of the General Assembly set up gymnastics, cycling, Pilates, personal training, yoga, fitness management, multiple projects, inviting domestic and foreign health field nearly 50 outstanding coaches, star coaches, trainers teaching show, at the same time, the Assembly would have the current popular fashion fitness apparel show, exhibition of brand sports equipment, fitness equipment showcase, fitness sports show level fitness performance and rich content will attract nearly 2000 professional fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts to participate in the love commander of the famous enterprises will carry high-end equipment attend the 2012ChinaFit Fitness General Assembly, will the General Assembly added a touch of beautiful landscape.

2012ChinaFit fitness the General Assembly for the concept of ‘fitness’ to the country, in order to better serve the public, invited ordinary free people come to visit. Visit to apply for entrance >>>

Love the handsome Company Profile

Love handsome (the X-Trend), Lun Thailand, Taiwan Enterprise Group Investment health science and technology sector, the Group has a mold factory, injection plant, sheet metal factory and specializing in the production assembly plant integrated production operations, through the 2000 edition of the ISO -9001 Quality Assurance Certification (West Germany Bell certification) Lun Tai Group, specializing in the production of advanced steam, a large manufacturer of Motorcycle Parts and Accessories, is currently the largest third-party for Taiwan’s Yamaha Motor Company (YAMAHA) several times won the prize of excellent third-party .

Love handsome (the X-Trend) series product design department has a European style more than a decade of professional design team, product project mainly to the aerobic series of professional fitness equipment, treadmills, elliptical cross training machines, vertical exercise bike, lying fitness cars, flywheel exercise bike, vibration machine, stepper, rowing machine, etc., are Europe’s best-selling quality product, and has participated in major international sporting goods exhibition, especially in Europe, deeply good ratings and product awareness and create sales success (the marketing of European countries Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Russia, etc.).

Love handsome introduction of products to the commercial grade product modeling arc back’s contours with bold bright white color, highlights of the noble and elegant temperament, the sports equipment sector is the only outdoor locomotive senior housing does not paint technology material, with anti-UV, weather resistance, impact resistance, not Pazang characteristics. All products 100% manufacturing RoHs environmental standards certified by European CE Safety Certification.

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