Live in Aspects of foreign students living: to live on campus or rent?

Chinese students (microblogging), born alone to overseas to carry out the study in the road, to ensure that normal learning and living, we must first solve the problem of ‘live’, how to find a safe and comfortable ‘nest’ in a foreign country? To pay attention to what security details? how much money they should prepare it? please listen to the ‘returnees’ who one by one.

United Kingdom:

Check before the camera to remain evidence

Amber education Guangzhou Branch was educated at the University of East Anglia in the UK general manager He Chugang said most of the schools in the UK can be provided for international students stay in school to ensure that the accommodation of international graduate students in the school accommodation and the first year of the international undergraduate management of the school dormitory is very strict, and generally have 24-hour security guards, water, electricity and Internet access for students, but campus housing costs are relatively high, about 3000 to 4000 pounds / year. the phenomenon of students in off-campus rent also very common, relatively low cost, about 50 to 60 pounds / week, but the campus housing utilities, network fees must personally apply for the count for the fact some intangible costs.

Reminder: the ‘returnees’ Chen Jian Qian suggestions: you must first clear the lease contract, rental contract of the British law must enter into a lease for more than half a year, and students with the landlord after the agreed upon reduction in lease, but the minimum is not less than three months. had to rent a month for the Chinese students on the surrender of tenancy, so be regarded as a breach of contract, the landlord has the right to confiscate the student’s deposit. Second, sharing must be agreed in advance rent and prior knowledge of the credibility of the shared objects and cultural practices. Third, we must clearly the price of the service fee charged by the intermediary and contract the correct information on the landlord, the intermediary and the terms of the real, moved into the housing to carefully check all the furniture and the wall is damaged. students prior to arrival, should be in every place of the house to take a photograph, are also engaged in the newspapers of the day take photographs, to ensure that the photo was shot on the day of arrival, instead of shooting, during the lease term, so there is a very strong evidence prevent disputes examples above.

United States:

School dormitory should apply early

Zhao Qing, the U.S. study (microblogging) expert, said that the general U.S. campus dormitory space is not equipped with kitchen, rents live outside your only advantage is geographically convenient and within the campus environment safe at school accommodation costs 1250 to $ 1,750 / month, generally include water, electricity and internet access. school dormitories, with a different chamber, both single bedroom plus a separate toilet, there are many people sharing the premises, the amount of the appropriate accommodations are also different quarters generally have three samples of the most basic furniture: bed, desk and wardrobe, but the student to the school to verify whether to provide sheets and blankets. It is worth mentioning is that the student hostel can not cancel the contract, otherwise they will lose the application fee (or plus the margin), but not a whole year’s rent. students not to think that the American university and domestic students to the school, the school allocation can stay good quarters in the United States need to apply in advance to apply for campus accommodation, once the decision to live on campus to the University Accommodation Office (Housing Office) before the application deadline to submit an application, along with the application fee or deposit payable. If special requests need to be stated clearly, the school will try to take care of.

The vast majority of students are looking for rental housing, There are three main ways: one near the school ad posted Office or the supermarket, rental or levy roommate ads .2. Community newspaper or campus newspapers for rental classifieds summarizing the above telephone available for contact. school accommodation provided by the Office of Rent off-campus housing services. Both furnished and unfurnished rental housing generally fall into the vast majority of cases, unfurnished main which does not mean that the rental housing is available, but the bedroom, unfurnished, it is recommended to purchase second-hand furniture is appropriate to live off-campus costs are relatively low, about 500 ~ $ 600 / month, and can retain a certain right to privacy and personal space.

Reminder: select rental housing should take into account various factors: one, the traffic is convenient, if their own car parking spaces, environmental and safety but also attach great importance to have to consider whether, and three house types, have a roommate , whether attached to furniture, home insurance, landlord’s character, whether the ban on raising pets must learn more about the lease signed before completion of comprehensive data collection in determining the rent, in particular, have petty advantages mentality.


Rent try not selected slums

Levin according to the Canadian study and work for more than a decade, Canadian universities are generally campus dormitory for freshmen dormitory application form accompanied by the acceptance letter sent to students’ hands, students can directly fill in a form to the school to apply for places, accommodations about 700 ~ 900 yuan / month, the fee from the sophomore to the majority of students faced with their own accommodation, usually takes the following two ways:

First, looking for host families. Most of the homestay fees in the 800 ~ 900 yuan / month, the fee is included for meals during the school day, the host families for students to prepare breakfast and dinner, weekend breakfast, lunch and dinner. Students need to do as the Romans do, try to respect and comply with the habits of the host family Homestay Chinese students may be assigned household chores such as snow removal, grass cutting, repairs to the roof, it may be treated as the opportunity to exercise.

Second, their own rent. Campus rent, generally from 5 to 6 people sharing, cost apportionment of 600 per person plus $ 700 / month. But the interior is not furnished, but no hand cleaning, all matters are completed independently by students. Another way, compared with off-campus rental listings are mostly apartments, 2 or 3 people sharing a more allocated to individuals and $ 300 to $ 500 / month, but does not include utilities, and network costs.

Reminder: The best in select rental site visits before making a decision, the city’s rich neighborhoods, most of the host family living in this, there are generally middle-level public office workers living in the region, housing more than the apartment, while There are poor residential areas suggested that students’ choice of housing, mainly to consider the first two areas, the relative chaos of the residential areas of the poor law and order management order. housing rent rebate, students related formalities should bear this in mind.


Live in homestay package meals

Australia ‘returnees’ Zhao Biqian introduced Australian schools offer two accommodation campus accommodation, homestay accommodation, both cost almost the same, are about 800 to $ 1,200 / month. Difference is that host families provide two meal, cover the cost of basic utilities, campus accommodation generally does not include food the school arrangements quarters, will respect students’ individual requirements, certain basic understanding of student lifestyle options will be listed in the application form, as far as possible will be accustomed to similar of students living arrangements, in order to reduce unnecessary conflicts sooner submit an application, the individual requirements are met the greater the likelihood.

Australian homestay students to fulfill the obligation is broadly divided into two levels, first: students to adults over the age of 18, the family in addition to the provision of accommodation, daily meals outside, and the remaining few tube, the second: students young people under 18, the host parent (microblogging) bear the guardian responsibility, students need to go out time in advance to inform the parents of the host family. students can also choose to rent, can be independent of renting or sharing, usually the latter is cheaper, generally 400 to 600 Australian dollars / month, includes basic utilities, but not food.

Reminder: students from the same country sharing easy and convenient it is hard to improve your English. Renting more suitable for overseas time more than one year, the independent ability of students. (Reporter: Joan)

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Over Weapon: new immigrants in Canada to find work Cheats

One familiar to sell ‘products’

To find a good employer, which requires to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and professional skills, have made what is worth the results of their own pride? Bring to the employer what kind of contribution? Talent, highly competitive job market, why should employers employ themselves rather than others? they have ‘exclusive’ secret by? The classic problem is also often asked in interviews. know ourselves victorious!

Second, to determine short-and long-term career goals

Have their own goals, know what to do in a new country, they can do what and what can be done, which requires the development of short-term goals and long-term goal. Some people are very ‘stubborn,’ non-professional counterparts do not do five years, the results have not yet found a counterpart, and there is no local work experience. In fact, reference is a start to ask for work to find a short-term objectives solve the pressure of life career goals are often in a disadvantageous position or lost time or the wrong direction.

Third, understanding the professional market

Libraries and network resources to do a lot of investigation to understand the local culture, including social and work at the same time the industry surveys to understand the background of the target company; grasp market trends, participate in various seminars, conferences, Job special will capture the market, understand the needs of employers.

Fourth, objective analysis to determine the route

Objectively evaluate their own experiences, backgrounds and abilities, to find the path to integrate into the community and someone will take 4-5 years to lay the foundation, some people just came to soon find a job to inspire envy, it was to go to school , some people will do volunteer work to subsidize their own local experience or industry experience, but the experience of others can only learn from but not condemnation. It is noteworthy that, no need to own plans behind closed doors he is away, or like to go to go out more than to find someone to talk, in particular, should find a positive attitude towards life friends, This will help to develop ideas.

Fifth, improve the basic job search skills

Many job seekers every day will do is modify the resume and cover letter, and hiring manager to call to sell yourself. Obviously cover letter, resume, telephone number and the last interview and hiring managers the basic tools of communication is very necessary to strengthen capacity in this area. A good resume will help attract the eye of the employer to get interviews, and good response skills will be impressive. Key strategy is to improve the skills of these ‘knock on the door stone, can participate in job search programs, and prepare your own answers to frequently asked questions, looking for opportunity to imitate the interview, it is important to practice more. Last successful’ knock ‘smile, and even should also smile when talking on the phone.

To improve their English skills

If English is the first year may not be so bitter. Many immigrants (microblogging) plus 5 years because of poor English was not any to learn, has been hard work in the labor market, the bottom line. Of course, some people argue that their English is good, but did not find a job have to sum up yourself is where.

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2012 the Guizhou post single reported vocational enrollment online drop points to make a report after volunteer

In a single post reported the first-line of the higher vocational enrollment report after the voluntary Toudang, some institutions due to lack of students, there are some vacancies. Now drop points make a report after voluntary shortfall institutions, the total score of 50 points (inclusive) above unsuccessful candidates according to the number of institutions vacancies posted on the Schedule, promptly make a report after volunteering.

Volunteer time online report after August 15, 1998 18:00 to 8 months 16 14:00, this report after the set of four parallel voluntary, five professional volunteers must register with a ticket number and password login 2012 College of Guizhou Province enrollment voluntary reporting system ‘(URL: online report after the voluntary exceeds the allotted time, the system will automatically shut down.

Due to limited vacancies, I hope the majority of candidates actively completing.

Toudang, according to the number of institutions vacancy, a one-time parallel Toudang.

Entrance Examination Centre of Guizhou Province

August 15, 2012

Schedule: in the post single newspaper vocational drop points make a report after the number of volunteer vacancies tables

Statistics: August 15

Serial number

Institution code

Name of Institution

The number of missing files



Anshun Vocational and Technical College




The Bijie Occupational and Technical College




Chongqing Branch Chong Vocational College




Chongqing Institute of IT Professional




Guizhou Electronic Information Vocational and Technical College




Guizhou Trade and Industry Vocational College




Guizhou Vocational and Technical College




Guizhou Space Vocational and Technical College




Guizhou Vocational and Technical Education




Guizhou Light Industry Vocational and Technical College




Vocational College of Guizhou Yatai




Guizhou Vocational and Technical College




Jiangxi Solar Technology Vocational College




The Liupanshui Occupational and Technical College




Nanchang Vocational School




The Qiannan Vocational Institute of Technology




Southwest Guizhou Vocational and Technical College




Shandong Silk Textile Vocational College




Suzhou Top Institute of Information Technology




The Tongren Occupational and Technical College




High-tech Institute of Xi’an University of Science and Technology




Zunyi Vocational and Technical College


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Special note: due to the adjustments and changes in various aspects, Sina to provide all test information is for reference only, please candidates published by the authoritative department official information shall prevail.

The survey said the Master of the employment rate for three consecutive years as good as undergraduate

Graduate employment rate declined even some long-term unemployment Master card will soon become unemployed card ‘

Female newspaper reporter trainee Tao reporters Hao Sun

Once upon a time, the graduate is still the envy of highly educated people, graduate students, but also became one of the unemployed army, and some even long-term unemployed.

Recently, the Central People’s Broadcasting Station reported: >> from << college graduates employment status survey data show that since 2009, graduate employment rate for three consecutive years as good as undergraduates. XU Yao, Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher, heard this The news is deeply felt.

This set of data by the media << graduate degrees devalued, the employment rate in recent years than undergraduate >> the title reports, and soon aroused waves. Friends laugh: only RMB appreciation, and other depreciation.

Immediately, such as the employment situation for graduates than undergraduates, undergraduate employment not as good as college students, graduate employment rate, lower undergraduate prohibitive, not to apply ‘and other related reports and comments after another.

Graduate employment outspoken so low? Reporters immediately launched an investigation.

Carries Master Card also hard to find

Graduation unemployed, the best description of the current status of quarter forests and Siyang (a pseudonym), perhaps similar to the reporter age of reason, sitting in the quarter of the reporters in front of the forest and far over the phone Siyang are There is no secret to expose their own lives in the open.

26-year-old quarter Lin Tai’an, Shandong Province, admitted to the Yantai Teachers College (now eastern Shandong University), Department of History, the results of liberal arts 561 in 2005. ‘This is one of two institutions, but the history of professional class, a group of excellent old professor talking about undergraduate alma mater, his words still with a trace of pride. In 2009, he once again score of 379 points to obtain a graduate of Southwestern University Department of History, (microblogging), ‘our class there were three one students enrolled in the graduate. ‘ Graduate enrollment report the first day, my dorm mates smiled and said to him: ‘Shandong candidates score really high, admire!’

October to May, October .2011, one night of the peak season for the recruitment of graduates quarter of forest from the Internet to cast a copy of his resume for the post of administrative secretary for a large real estate company This position requires a Bachelor degree or above in art. Since then, the quarter of forest are particularly sensitive to the word ‘liberal arts’, his professional history, and he spent a night in order to find a suitable job.

Resume to vote out for more than a month online after another came to the notice of written examination and interview, the quarter of Lin’s phone has not happened, he began looking for other opportunities he never cast a resume, slowly know the word ‘sea to vote’ a vote of 10 copies of your resume to 20 copies, 30 copies, 50 …… ‘vote resume is both a living brain, but also manual labor.’ ‘sea to vote finally had a little effect, he got a bank and a large-scale real estate agent opportunities for the written test, but in the end due to the lack of economic and financial knowledge to be eliminated.

Three years to graduate ‘devaluation’

Equally frustrated Central China Normal University (microblogging), LL.M. Siyang graduate third grade, the total cast out over 200 resumes, the replies received, only six in his opinion, the first degree is the biggest obstacle to find a good job. an ordinary colleges and universities in Shandong Province have recruited counselors, require undergraduate Master are enrolled in 211 colleges and universities, Jinan University, his undergraduate reading. ‘We Shandong only three of 211 colleges and universities want to go outside the province to read 211 schools will depend on other people face. ‘

Quarter of the forest with the meaning of Young’s views. Find the nature of the work frustrated, Ji Lin have targeted more suited to their professional teaching and research work. However, he found his undergraduate, graduate students can enter university as a teacher ; When he finished the master, the University has not to master the worst of the three institutions must Ph.D, while more than two institutions, but also require the prestigious Dr. returnees Dr. Just three years time, a huge change in him by surprise.

They may be unclear, 2003, the total number of graduate enrollment in China is only 260,000 people, while in 2012, this figure rises to 584,416 people, which the Master 517 200 people, has nearly doubled in 10 years.

Desperation, Ji Lin had then the target down to the vocational high school, college, private institutions or schools, but he was surprised to find a middle school history teacher positions, the number of applicants actually up to 50 people, of which half are graduate students, the competition is still fierce.

In December 2011, Ji Lin to participate in the interview of a subsidiary of the Construction Group, location at Wuhan University (microblogging) (microblogging). He put on to spend 300 yuan to buy the inferior suit, bought a Chongqing to Wuchang hard seat train tickets, hurry off. Wuhan after living in the 40 yuan a night youth hostel, is the kind of bunk-style six world.

After the long journey and waiting only a short 5-minute interview, Ji Lin ushered like this foreign enterprise interview, Ji Lin participated in three or four times. In addition, the first half of this year, also participated in Shandong around the The Department of Education Teacher Recruitment Examination. ‘from the end of last year to June this year, I basically spent on the wheels of the train.’ said Ji Lin, took out a small pile of train tickets, ‘This is to find a job these he saved part of the ticket, nearly four thousand dollars of it. ‘reporter saw a variety of train, Pukuai hard seat, sleeper, and some move ticket locations, including Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanjing, Jinan, Qingdao and Tai’an, and other places.

Quarter Lin professional five students, a backbone of ethnic minorities, through the relationship, back to his hometown in Guizhou as a civil servant (microblogging), a rich second generation, inherit the family business back home, there is a test the the Hubei transferring students, and the remaining three not follow. ‘

The work of the poor, they do not want to graduate student to sell sweet potatoes to sell pork, after all, is one of the few, do those work, White would not read the book so many years? Whole family, so many years invested it in exchange for a pork? quarter of the forest can not be reconciled. ’25 years old, parents said the families of this age, I still remain proletarians.’ said Siyang, graduate students during the annual culture funding $ 10,000 living expenses of at least 1 million, 3-year graduate students read down to spend at least $ 60,000. spend so much time and money in graduate school, has yet landed, he had a year Kaoyan (microblogging), high-spirited.

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Prospective students ways to identify “grouse”

Media obtained from the Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), Oregon and Maine Department of Education at the latest global ‘grouse’ blacklist. 691 universities and educational institutions of this exposure has not been certified, which U.S. 342. Experts said that the United States has become the first large study of Chinese students (microblogging) countries to choose the right school is the success to the United States to study the first step (microblogging). prospective students and their parents (microblogging) can be 5 ways to identify ‘grouse’.

The first ways is through American University’s certification system to identify the ‘grouse’ with the Chinese education system, American universities are not certified by the Ministry of Education, but by the six regional alliance to provide certification that the certification is the highest certification of the American University. University of the different regions in the United States belong to a different certification bodies. where the six regional accredited university, are guaranteed the quality of teaching regular university. list of universities to website inquiries, but also to the major regional certification body website.

Apart from the above level of certification, the certification of professional associations in the United States there are universities. Its certification on behalf of the professional quality of teaching is widely recognized, regular means that the professional certification audit of the Association. Professional certification in fact than the university The ranking is also important.

Depends on when the candidates to choose schools and professional certification and professional certification. Such as reading a business, students should pay attention to the university AACSB accreditation, such as reading engineering, and pay attention to ABET certification.

The two kinds of ways by the foreign regulatory network of the Ministry of Education approved the list of foreign universities to identify the ‘grouse’. Foreign supervision of the Ministry of Education ( national approved list of universities in general in the United States six certification bodies accredited university can be foreign supervision of the Ministry of Education online inquiries.

Three kinds of ways by looking at American University’s Web site to identify the ‘grouse’ the general American University URLs edu at the end, such as If you encounter a University com at the end, the University can basically conclude that this is not a mainstream social acceptance.

4 ways is by looking at the introduction of identification on the Wikipedia ‘grouse’. English Wikipedia on the entry of many universities have introduced most of the American University students can enter a college English to The name of the query, found the content to determine whether the regular college application.

The five kinds of way is ranked by U.S. NEWS university recognition ‘grouse’. U.S. NEWS each year would rank American universities, this ranking, some universities, and certainly not ‘grouse’. Students to pay attention to U.S. NEWS university ranking classification: National Universities – national research university, Master’s Universities – regional comprehensive university, Liberal Arts Colleges – University of Arts, Baccalaureate Colleges – Undergraduate universities. these four categories of universities and do not overlap. Such as Stanford University is a research university, Williams College is a University of Arts, candidates can not be found in other types of school.

Study for each student, not just a period of overseas postgraduate gilded learning experience, but also about the life path and career development. Kai Tak study experts have warned that, due to the country’s education system is different, in the choice of studying national and school students must be careful to ensure that the selected universities have formal qualifications, to avoid mistakenly select the ‘grouse’.

Certification bodies and the website

Name and URL of the six areas of certification bodies in the United States:

1.Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools

2.New England Association of Schools and Colleges

3.Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NASC)

4.North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

5.Western Association of Schools and Colleges

6.Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)

Part of the U.S. Association of Professional Certification:

Business: Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)

Engineering: Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET)

Legal Professional: American Bar Association

The teaching profession: National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

Building professionals: The National Architectural Accrediting Board

Landscape Design Professional: American Society of Landscape Architects (the ASLA), Landscape of Architectural Accreditation Board (LAAB)

Media professionals: The Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass. Communications,

Interior Design: Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA)

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