How Truck Operators can Increase Profits using Vehicle GPS Tracking System

SAM- Smart Automobile Management

SAM is a combination of hardware & software where hardware gets installed in vehicle and connect vehicle to mobile App through cloud connectivity.

Problem FacedBy Truck Owners

Truck owners providing logistic and supply chain solutions have a major problem in controlling the operational cost, many times which goes out of budget and eat up the profits. Operational cost in the system is very much dependent on the vehicle and driver’s performance.

Best Solution for Truck Owners 


GPS Tracking System is not just a live tracking tool, but a tool that helps you analyse vehicle performance. It allows you to set alert for unwanted scenarios, and send instant notifications for set threshold. With advance features like Safe-Zone Alerts’ or ‘Geo-fence Alerts’ you can mark restricted areas on map and get notified on vehicle’s entry and exit. ‘Playback History’ is a full day travel history of vehicle, that can help in controlling frauds and wrong decisions taken by the driver.

Essential data points recorded in a good vehicle tracking system are as follows:

  1. Distance CoveredTotal distance covered for the day.
  2. Run TimeTime for which engine was running ,and vehicle was moving.
  3. Idle TimeTime for which engine was running, but vehicle was not moving.
  4. Maximum SpeedMax speed of the day.
  5. Average SpeedAvg speed of the day.

Weekly or monthly comparison of above data points can give useful insights to make powerful business decisions. Get instant alerts for above data point to take necessary action in time. For example, setting an alert for maximum speed (point 4) helps you restrict your driver under a defined limit. Similarly, there can be alerts and thresholds defined for all data points.

How it works

GPS tracking system is an integration of hardware and software. Hardware needs to get installed in your vehicle so that you can use Mobile App or Web Dashboard, to check everyday performance trip. Mobile App is convenient to use and keeps you handy all the time, however, web dashboard can be very effective for higher number of vehicles.

Cost Overview

There are various hardware-software combinations available in market. Device quality and features integrated in the system is what decides the overall cost. Range of cost for tracking systems available in market:

  1. Hardware costRanging from INR 1,500/- to INR 10,000/-.
  2. Software costRanging from INR 50/month to INR 500/month. 

Grow your profits by reducing the the operational cost. Monitor vehicle daily performance and get instant alerts to avoid unwanted expenses. Correct decision taken at the right time is a key to success.


Financial Technologies in India – The reason is Jignesh Shah

Born in a Gujrati family, Jignesh Shah had decided to make his mark on the stock markets at the early age of 8. He worked on campaigns for the Bombay Stock Exchange before modifying the Indian stock markets forever by introducing financial technologies through his company Financial Technologies Limited (FTIL), now known as 63 Moons.

Jignesh Shah – A personality of many traits

Jignesh Shah is an avid reader of business related materials and autobiographies of famous entrepreneurs and derives great inspiration from them. Taking one step at a time, Jignesh Shah provided mass employment in the sector and took India on excursions of progressive growth and a provided a better economy. Jignesh Shah awards list includes the prestigious Forbes List of richest Indians till 2010.

The Target reveals an account of drafted conspiracies

Shantanu Guha Ray, an investigative journalist took it upon himself to assimilate the facts pertaining to the NSEL case and wrote a book on Jignesh Shah about his journey and targeted conspiracies by top bureaucrats owing to vested interests. Jignesh Shah’s situation can be compared to Dhirubhai Ambani’s who also faced a set of attempts to terminate his progress. ‘The Target’ is a verified account that analyzes his story in the light of the Indian epic Mahabharata. Jignesh Shah has also been compared to John Galt, a famous character from Ayn Rand’s book who took the responsibility of the world upon himself. And rightly so, Jignesh Shah stands a solitary pioneer on the altar of web based financial and stock market technologies.

Jignesh Shah has shown nothing but courage thought his career and especially during the investigations in the NSEL case by following the judicial processes with patience. The following extract from the book will give a perspective on his perseverance:

“Shah worked overtime with Exchanges, patiently waiting outside the offices of pettifogging officials, who opposed him. He almost single-handedly fought battles against competitors, regulators and rivals, often in the courts. There were times when Shah almost threw in the towel, wondering why the Indian business environment was plagued with politicians openly abusing their powers and bureaucrats deaf to genuine arguments. But seconds later, he again bounced back into the ring to shape his dreams.”

Jignesh Shah: The other side of the Target

A common Bollywood story has a hero and a villain. A drama has long been playing in the backdrop of politics and stock exchange market. This drama too had a protagonist and an antagonist, but the viewers are still confused about who is who. The curtain unveiled a few days back with a well investigated script ‘The Target’.

The story of Jignesh Shah has been on a road full of ups and downs. It seems he was too focused on reaching the horizon, but again, the road of business never comes with the sign ‘Bumps Ahead’. Shah was awarded US-India businessman of the year in 2006, little did he know that in the coming years life was about to take a U turn. In ‘The Target’ Shantanu Guha Ray mentions:

In less than a decade, DGCX had positioned itself as a global financial hub, adjudged ‘Exchange of the Year 2013’, trading in bullion, currency and metals in Dubai (historically an important center for trading in gold and other commodities).

This was a historical milestone for India, but in Delhi no reactions were forthcoming from the government, even the bureaucrats did not talk about the ground-breaking move. On the contrary, the government sent out feelers through the Mumbai-based Reserve Bank of India (RBI), wanting to know what was happening in Dubai, and whether or not Shah and his men were flouting the rules.

On one side where Jignesh Shah and his company were trying to restore the glory of Indian economy, everything else back home was going wrong. Ray further clarifies this:

That was strange, if not absurd. A country that awards instant stardom to an Indian, who becomes the CEO of a global company, had no words of appreciation for an innovator and entrepreneur, who had achieved global recognition for excellence in building world-class financial institutions and services through lucid, well-regulated and well-audited processes.

However ‘cinematic’ the story may seem, all the events and characters in it are real. A lot of it has remained untold for years, but new facts have been brought in light which help us know more about the other side of the coin.

August decoration find “Evening News · Home”

Now call 4000-588-028, green high quality ready to just over 30,000, set 68 to grab a limited number of places on the yuan brand appliances package for free delivery, but also to avoid the amount of housing fees, free design fees, free supervision fees, Free management fees, suburban clients from remote construction expenses and another side too, Dekor, SITA, Marco Polo, Faenza, Rodin and other brands a strong join, renovation and upgrade quality.

August decoration, find << >> Chengdu Chengdu Evening News · home, you just stay in the restaurant, blowing air conditioning, the name of mahjong, all for fitting to us to do this month by << Chengdu Chengdu Evening News · Home Swiss and home decoration >> together launched the ‘cool August · Constant improvements to send ten thousand yuan brand appliances’ activity is hot in places only 68, would like to install quality new homes, the owners want to save money worry action should be fast.

Helping just over 30,000 quality

Before the 68 free gifts on a million appliances

Chengdu, home improvement as ‘Quality Helping Leaders’, Swiss and ranking by virtue of its quality process and a lot of material supplier resources to honestly and for the majority of owners to bring a cost-effective renovation services of this event, the organizers introduced a strong side too, Dekor, SITA, Marco Polo, Faenza, Rodin and other brands, so quality renovation and upgrade, the owners live signing, you can get a full set of bathroom cabinets, toilet / squatting, shower, bathroom mirror, ceiling , spotlights, downlights, Yuba and other kitchen value spree. bigger surprise was given before 68 places to grab owners will also receive free Sanyo / Haier Washing Machine, Panasonic / Haier three-door refrigerator, side too / Vantage fume machine, side too / Vantage stove, beauty / Kelon air-conditioning on a million brand appliances suit.

Top designers live one on one

Classic apartment scene analysis

The event, dozens of industry veteran designers will gather in the scene, detailed analysis for the owners more than a thousand sets of classic units, programs. Whether you’re in the decoration of any wild notion, may be present and designers and industry experts communicate live hundreds of sets of designs panoramic display, small apartment, big house, villa and other units fully resolve a variety of design styles, as well as senior engineering experts, the construction division to accept advice, and explain decoration considerations. Additionally, signing Customers can obtain Evening & Garden >> << free audit quotes and other services.

Engineering quality guaranteed

68 sets of ‘high quality’ in the model room collection

As a ‘Quality Improvement experts’, more than ten years, Swiss and ranking in the industry has been enjoying a ‘project of excellent quality’ reputation the company has perfect quality control system 8, 142 process standards, 436 quality points, strictly in accordance with GB for construction, inspection, every aspect, every detail must not be careless in this event, the organizers specially collected 68 sets of ‘high quality’ model rooms as listed on the site, and by the Swiss Garden >> << Evening and home decoration Director personally supervise, to secure the owners worry decoration, save money in the end!

Cadillac SRX maximum cash discount 30000 car gift package

Wuhan Sina Auto News Recently, the editors from Wuhan Cadillac SRX Cadillac dealers understand that most Karma cash discount 30,000 yuan, 20,000 yuan spree the other gifts, the shop there are cars, interested friends can go to the store for inquiry, specific information the following table:
Models Price (million) Dealer quotes (Wan) Offers (RMB) Now car
Cadillac SRX 2013 paragraph 3.0 two-drive comfort 42.98 40.98 20000 There are cars
Cadillac SRX 2013 paragraph 3.0 AWD Luxury 49.8 46.8 30000 There are cars
Tabulation: Sina Wuhan Automotive
Cadillac SRX maximum cash discount 30000 car gift package Price | configuration | Gallery | Video | sale | reputation | Dealer | Forum SRX guide: 42.98-57.8

Models: Cadillac generation SRX SUV coupe using one set of design, with ultra-short front overhang, wide track and gorgeous diamond cut-like lines, a leading interior design is a combination of modern technology and exquisite traditional craftsmanship, surface with leather-wrapped instrument panel with ‘Cut & Sew’ masterful hand-wrapped technology, coupled with the car surrounded by theater-style lighting, unique style.

Maintenance, Cadillac SRX enjoy 3 years or 100,000 km vehicle warranty period (whichever comes first), the first 5,000 km new car warranty, the first four maintenance are free. Routine maintenance cycle is 5000 km, a routine small maintenance fee of 1,000 yuan, a large maintenance (oil changes, three filter) costs 2200 yuan.

Cadillac SRX models in the maintenance shop, loans, insurance status
Maintenance Information
Warranty period For three years or 100,000 km Shop recommended maintenance cycle 5000 km
Replace the oil filter costs 1288 yuan
(The 4S shop price)
Replace the oil filter costs 2600 yuan
(The 4S shop price)
Insurance Information
Store insurance companies To a storefront Insurance costs About 17,000 yuan
(The 4S shop price)
Loan information
Loans To a storefront Down payment and term loans To a storefront
More information for dealers, part of the price difference with the actual situation, the real price to the store.

Editor Comments: Cadillac SRX with e-AWD four-wheel drive system, the center differential with a multi-plate clutch structure for the open differential between the front wheels, when faced with the phenomenon of unilateral wheel slip, through electronic aids braking to improve vehicle stability. ensure the SRX still has some off-road performance, rather than wandering alone in the city, only a pseudo-SUV models.

Dealer Name: Wuhan Star Kay Auto Sales & Service Co., Ltd.

Learn more Wuhan market

Statement: Sina posted this article for more information transmission purposes, does not mean agree with their views or confirm the description.
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Cadillac SRX SUV comprehensive preferential 50,000 yuan
Cadillac SRX cash discount 30,000 yuan donated 20,000 yuan spree
Cadillac SRX cash discount 10,000 yuan there are cars
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Yu Xin Dong: technological innovation must be grounded gas

Scientific and technological innovation to benefit not only economic

development, but in all aspects of human development and progress of society, so attached to a technological innovation economy, one attached to the people’s livelihood, is fully applicable to the relationship between the two, ‘Without the skin, hair adhere to.’ This sentence in recent years China’s major scientific and technological innovation achievements in every one, without exception, are ‘derived from improving people’s livelihood, serve to improve people’s livelihood.’ That is to improve the livelihood of the huge demand for the first out of the question to scientific and technological innovation, thus technological innovation in order to overcome the issues identified significant and valuable efforts direction and inexhaustible power, in turn, every step of technological innovation achievements in improving people’s livelihood back services, and continuously meet the people’s yearning for a better life. question now is how to further implement specific services and to promote scientific and technological innovation to improve people’s livelihood and a better goal?

On the one hand, to further establish the scientific and technological innovation in the heart of the concept of public services, ie, tense moment in my mind, ‘the people riding out’ the string. This is not a boast, but not by shouting when we do not stop to say our technological achievements conversion rate, when I do not know whether we thought a source of the problem this source put it bluntly, it is because researchers did not tighten the livelihood of the string or at least sometimes there is no tension, which leads to technological achievements can not be converted. heart is not filled with people’s livelihood, the results of research and development of natural gas will not be grounded. ungrounded gas finally how the results could be transformed into practical productive forces, or the development of market demand or motivation behind it?

On the other hand, technological innovation must be close to the real needs of the times and society from a certain sense, the needs of the people’s livelihood is the most concentrated reflection of reality. Targeting livelihood, close to the people’s livelihood, tracking people’s livelihood is the best navigator technological innovation. Engels said over a very wide spread the words: ‘Once you have a technological society needs, this need would have put more than ten university science forward.’ This sentence has at least two important implications, a layer is described social needs Of course, people’s needs for scientific research, including a strong stimulating effect, a layer is illustrated by the results of the actual needs of the birth collegial than pure scientific research to better promote human progress. Indeed, just in front of this sentence Engels also an expression The idea, then, is often ignored by most of the quote: ‘technology relies heavily on the state of science, then the science but in much greater extent dependent on technology status and needs.’ That reminds We remember, if R & D to ground gas, used to grind so, then science is even more need to do so.

As long as always adhere to and really do the above two, also for technological innovation to find ways to implement the party’s 18 proposed in the report always adhere to people-oriented position requires the core answer to this question, to apply ‘the people of all our the starting point and end point, ‘this sentence, can be summed up this conclusion: the people’s livelihood, improve people’s livelihood of all scientific and technological innovation starting and ending points. ▲ (author of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, Deputy Director of the Policy Research)

Outstanding contributions to the provinces first assessment technician

Outstanding contributions to the province’s first assessment technician

Provincial health insurance subsidy inductees to enjoy the same treatment as young experts with outstanding contributions

WASHINGTON (Reporter Guo Dong, with Jinghai) from the provincial people and Social Council Chamber was informed that recently, the province’s first award in recognition of outstanding contributions to the work of technicians kicked off this year, will select 100 ‘Hebei outstanding contribution technician.’ This marks my Province formally establish professional and technical personnel and highly skilled talent ‘dual track’ talent recognition incentives. ‘Hebei outstanding contribution technician’ is the provincial government awarded the province’s industrial workers in high-skill industries top-notch talent the honorary title, every 2 years Selection 1, every 100, enterprises and institutions in the province (including the direct and non-public units stationed in Hebei units) in the selection of highly skilled personnel, civil servants and professional technicians are not selecting ranges.

Province outstanding contributions technicians will get at work allowances, medical insurance, etc. Enjoy ‘Hebei aged expert with outstanding contribution’ equal treatment other four awards.

According to the briefing, participants Hebei technician named outstanding contributions to national vocational qualifications to have two (or more) or more organs and institutions technician skill level certificate does not meet the statutory retirement age, has a good work ethic and hard working, and have six one of three conditions: won ‘China skill Award’, ‘National technical experts’, ‘Hebei Skills Award’, ‘Hebei Gold technician’, ‘Hebei technical experts,’ the honorary title of one of the production line work in the enterprise , by businesses named ‘chief technician’, ‘worker experts’, ‘chief workers’ and so on, and in the production line of work, summed up the unique advanced manipulation techniques methods, the production process has a transformative role in the field, is where the business Named in the production line of work, with a trick stunt, with only a significant effect for Traditional Arts, the apprentice has become a provincial technical experts, and in the production line of work, in technological innovation, technological innovation, overcome technical difficulties or preventing exclusion major accident hazards, has made outstanding contributions to the significant economic and social benefits, in the province or the country with important influence in the work of public institutions, with institutions worker status, are engaged in vocational (trades) or post high technical content, In technological innovation, technological innovation, has made outstanding contributions to the provincial level and above, and scientific and technological progress, innovation awards. Moreover, with the folk traditions trick (stunt, unique skills) personnel, can be directly participating Hebei outstanding contributions technician.

September 15 declared candidates for the various industries around the deadline, please log Hebei Vocational Qualifications Work Network ( query.

Innovative products focus on the future assessment happy baby version 2.3 upgrade


2013 mobile Internet has entered a golden period, after two years of accumulation and precipitation mobile Internet development has gradually become clear, recently Baidu 1.9 billion acquisition of 91 high-profile wireless Internet giant can be seen equally optimistic about the traditional mobile Internet industry, in response to the mobile Internet development of SNS site Kaixin known at the beginning of the company’s business has been adjusted, began to force mobile games and innovative business, happy baby as an innovative business focused products have recently been upgraded and optimized, the author is also the first time to get this update Happy baby version of version 2.3 and conducted early adopters of evaluation, the following just like everyone to share some of the new features and highlights.

1. Share more practical to create beautiful album function

SNS community one of the most important feature is the sharing feature, how to make beautiful and practical sharing feature is the ability to seize the key App users, happy baby this option in the album exquisite album created a new addition to the small features, and provides the user 15 sets of templates can be said to fully meet the new mom to share baby photos to show off their preferences. new mothers not only can DIY your own baby’s photo album can also put the baby album Share decorative tree, how can a single photo in the baby tree Album Collection is the expression of fun baby grow Wang Daoli recording device.

New moms can also put elaborate album Share on Twitter, their micro-channel circle of friends, QQ space to share high-quality fine is the last word hot mom who deserves to share, happy baby this 2.3 version will all photos are carried out according to the time reverse order, to facilitate the majority of new mothers view your friends to share some of the latest pictures.

2. Happy baby playing Medal of functions also have pride

Often removed from the major forum community of users must know their own behalf in a forum Medal identity, happy baby this forum and SNS App combines the dual characteristics, this happy baby is introduced specifically for the various characteristics of parenting classes Medal, often in PRETTY BABY client active participation in various activities of the users can put their medals lit, recording babies have a piece of drip lit medal as evidence, the truth has to wait until all medals medals are highlights I believe the majority of new mothers who certainly have a good sense of accomplishment and pride, show them I get a medal today about the medal I also have a little tucao Medal hidden too deep, I saw someone in the parenting forum show Medal so it took 10 minutes to find a medal in the settings option, since it features fun baby can consider whether Medal on forum striking one o’clock position.

3. Competing small red, small bonuses popular rally

The happy baby so I used the deepest impression is happy baby’s little saffron, often former elementary school teacher who is a good performance given a small red flower, red flowers are small monetary reward as a happy baby, and red Flowers can be achieved by parenting forum post replies, share and get daily raffle, the use of small red flowers can be used to buy some of the charges album templates, as well as in-kind prizes happy mall Exchange, the author of Parenting clients happy baby Forum see a lot of mothers who are in the draw to get a small red flower show their pictures, happy baby is not only a community sharing application class is more important is that it incorporates a parenting forum, in addition to a set of new mothers can show off to record to share function, but also to solve a variety of parenting forums problems encountered in childcare.

It is worth mentioning here is an upgraded version of the 2.3 new addition PRETTY BABY help post, ordinary post and share content types distinguished posts, new mothers can pass some small mark quickly find the type you want to view posts, happy baby community through forums and extend the double integration of the circle of the new mother, so that mobile applications for the new mom everyday lives more convenient, small red flowers as an incentive so happy baby and parenting community forums linked together effectively to mothers who brought more playability things.

4. Other details of the improvements

The happy baby to upgrade to version 2.3 is set to increase in the full moon one hundred days and other special days of tips to help the majority of mothers who always remember their special day to give their baby’s meticulous care, in addition to a detailed optimization is to get the enhanced parenting forum posts back flip, page jumps, returns home functions.


From the author’s experience point of view, this happy baby version 2.3 only used for some small details have been optimized compared to the previous version, and no major functional changes, but there are many details of the optimization is not difficult to see that happy network for innovation product quality and the importance of user experience, if the happy network into the mobile game for short-term quick profit, then focus on the user experience in the development of innovative products for the future is to gain valuable user resource, whether for money or for the future King are happy network power savings for themselves, with the mobile Internet products through SNS concept for the majority of users daily life more convenient.


Often walk by the river which can not wet shoes

France-based Sanofi is the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies in the medical industry, Sanofi behind Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Novartis, Roche and Merck Merck, ranked six.

Sanofi former executives Sophie (a pseudonym for Sanofi overwhelmed encounter was not surprised, she said, often walk by the river, how can we not wet shoes? But she also stressed that all these years for their own regulatory Sanofi increasingly strict .2011, when Sanofi had once self-correction, when 10 of more than 50 employees but had middle-bribery and other issues collectively to terminate the contract, shocked the industry, but the so-called ‘spring revival.’ , who can escape it?

She revealed that foreign pharmaceutical companies actually flies all these years is not easy on the one hand it wants to develop the Chinese market and Chinese local pharmaceutical companies to close combat, and the other negative, it is also strictly abide by Chinese laws, people dilemma she I hope this will help Sanofi washed dirt, so pharmaceutical industry representatives to reproduce bright, according to China Radio Network

Chengyang billion project to open 66 new communities can achieve 15 minutes convenience

In recent years, the city of Shenyang focus on building livable happy Jiaozhou Bay North Shore City, hundreds of thousands of people have been walking the city of Shenyang in the ‘Dream,’ ‘Dream’ on the road in the community share a common witness, Chengyang-seeking dream trip full of hope: Headquarters Economy ‘five’ bloom, 15 minutes convenience circle formation, colorful life of the people …… ‘ecological’, ‘livable’, ‘happiness’ to become the city’s development in each footnote. Let us approached the city of Shenyang, dream trip together to listen to it on the hurried footsteps.

Economy, ‘five’ bloom Chengyang

Economic development is the lifeblood of the city, a city needs a solid economic support in recent years the city of Shenyang to build livable happiness as the goal of modern North Shore City, efforts to promote economic restructuring and economic development are some bright spots, including the headquarters economy plays an important role.

July 31, Industrial Park, Qingdao National advertising launch ceremony was held in the city of Shenyang, construction area of 2,000 square meters of Investment Promotion Center put into use on the same day. According to reports, Qingdao National Park, the advertising industry total GFA of approximately 530,000 square meters, with a total investment of 4.8 billion yuan. Currently, the park of 15,000 m2 technical service center is fully operational. end of this year, 80,000 square meters of the first main cap area will be open at the same time, the park investment has been fully launched simultaneously, including Asiaray Group, including 48 well-known enterprises have settled in and signed their intentions.

This is just the city of Shenyang microcosm of the development of headquarters economy, Qingdao headquarters base · International Port, Airport International Centre pioneered · Merchants · Zhongrunde Airport Business Park and Tian An Cyber Park called the city of Shenyang development of headquarters economy, ‘five’, will become a sustainable development of the modern industrial system, an important part of the process.

It is understood that this year, the city of Shenyang full flowering of project development, the region’s new construction billion yuan industrial class project 66, plans a total investment of 21.99 billion yuan, ranking first in the city, where new projects since May 48, the new categories of projects completed over 55 billion dollar industry, plans a total investment of 8.54 billion yuan, ranking first in the city, including the newly completed projects since May 51, ranking first in the city.

Minsheng 33 community centers to achieve ’15 minutes convenience’

Rapid economic development lead for public benefit. Until the end of 2012, the region’s total investment of 720 million yuan, covers an area of 1080 mu, total construction area of 91,355 square meters, according to the outdoor ‘an area a’ (business services area, playground) and indoor ‘one-stop two-compartment four centers’ (health service stations, police office, birth room, party service centers, public service centers, cultural centers, daycare centers) infrastructure standards, started construction of 24 community centers (street-level 6, community-level 18), built up areas, street, area three community centers network, residents from any residential area 15 minutes walk can reach a community center.

2013, plans to invest 63 million yuan Chengyang again, covering 230 acres, with a total construction area of 7400 square meters, and then build nine community centers. End of this year, the region will build a community center 33 (street level 6, community-level 27), will be essential to achieve the status of the region’s community center layout full coverage. ’15 minutes convenience circle’ will be more perfect.

In addition, in 2013, the city of Shenyang plans to invest nearly $ 700 million for the public to do 12 things, including the development of pre-school and primary and secondary education, improve public health facilities, support entrepreneurship, building community centers, to achieve dynamic social security video surveillance, etc. Earlier this year, Chengyang District has issued a << on accelerating the development of the views >> farmers market, farmers market to further accelerate the construction of convenience, plans new transformation 10 farmers markets, accelerate the formation lap 15 minutes convenience services to facilitate the masses lives.

Cultural Festival enrich the cultural life of the people

People living in the city of Shenyang, the people on the annual festival will not be unfamiliar, this year June 3 – June 9, Chengyang Section joy Twelfth Meeting people continue splendid performance is understood that the current public section, the joy is the most important exchange activity component is the biggest bright spot, into ‘open the gates of joy,’ the park opened the ceremony, theme days, catering services, entertainment, exhibitions, five plates, nearly 20 activities. Among them, the theme day organized by the Culture Day, Community Day, Day of Service, Habitat Day, New Citizens Day, International Day, the public day composed of seven theme day activities.

Twelfth Day by holding public collection ‘travel, music, show, eating’ and a variety of mass participation in sports activities and interactive activities, the concept of ‘linkage region’, highlighting the ‘charismatic city of Shenyang, colorful community, happiness City yang ‘theme. According to the organizers to statistics, since the opening of the public came to watch the show nearly 20 million passengers.

Currently, Chengyang also tap and nurture the percussion team, stilts team, land boat team Liuqiang theater, folk music and other kinds of community cultural team of more than 150 branches at the same time to the grassroots distribution drama, variety performances and other activities of more than 3,000 games, movies more than 5,000 games, books, newspapers, audiovisual materials, etc. 120 000, 1100 I held various counseling training courses, to benefit the masses more than 100 million people. greatly enhance people’s cultural quality, quality of life and happiness index improved significantly.