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Technical fluctuation with your email interface could be a major reason; most of the users are prone towards receiving the great services due to these effective, technical troubles. Yahoo provides a helpline service via Yahoo help center number, using which one can take help from anywhere regarding to his/her mail account, anytime needed.

It indeed has provided so many services and great features to the users. We help you by extending the doors of services for you, in case you get any problem which you are unable to solve yourself. As it is an online web based interface, hence, it is vulnerable to the technical issues sometimes, which definitely needs to get resolved as soon as they hit your account.

Technical issues related to the Yahoo mail account-

  • Unable to sign in or out issues
  • Password reset issue, if it gets forgotten or lost
  • Not able to follow the CATCHA code
  • Issues in receiving confirmation code on your device you preferred
  • Spam emails in bulk
  • Account synchronization issues, etc.

On Yahoo customer service number we are always available with the focused and instant solution regarding to technical errors with the account. We work as the third party for its users whenever needed. We perform our work with uniqueness, always rendering the perfect and direct support 24*7, providing you a long term plan with complete solutions.

One can simply ring us by using a Yahoo phone number, if any kind of technical disturbance is encountered in your account with the proper solutions. Apart from calling, emailing, and remote access, our team is also available via online social media. We believe in establishing strong communication with our clients so they would be comfortable I sharing the problems openly which is easy for us too, to resolve them in a blink. So, consider us for the proper support and the best service from our experts in time.

Get All In One Speedy Solutions for Hotmail Technical Errors

Hotmail is an excellent emailing service connecting people across the world because of its great chatting or communicating features via Windows Live Messenger. One can call on the Hotmail phone number, if some sort of issues, whether technical or basic; occur with its account to get them resolved as soon as possible by revealing it to our executives.

Apart from all great services and features that it offers, there are some technical conflicts with a Hotmail service. The one might strike with some common technical problems like-


  •       Forgot email ID or password of your account
  •      Problem with accessing Windows Live Messenger
  •       Issue in synchronizing contacts and emails
  •        Hotmail password reset or recovery issue
  •       Trouble in sending or receiving emails
  •        Composing a new email or message becomes tough
  •         Much more


The problems don’t end here with the above common technical problems which can be solved in no time by our experts once they get to know about the issues, there are much bigger and complex technical faults that take a long while to recover your account but we give a surety to resolve them directly within a minimum time span.

We are the third best party offers the great Hotmail customer servicewhenever one needs to resolve the issues and want to have a smooth going with his/her mail account. We offer 24*7 instant offers, 365 days, so as to provide you the best and easy smooth access to your account. Our team is enhanced with exceptionally talented employees whom you can get in touch with via Hotmail technical support number, anytime one need. You can also get in contact with us via live chat, email, message, call and remote access, seeking for the instant help with the excellent long term solutions.

Depend Upon Gmail Tech Experts for Brilliant Performance

Google’s best gift mailing service is all set to help each user in
attaining the best solution. One can dial Gmail help center number for the
beneficial experience. As we all know, in Gmail there are many issues and
problems, which occurs many a time, so what users require is to take help and
support of experts for enjoying convenient experience.

One can use our
Gmail help center
for the best ever benefit in Google mail account. Take a look at
the problems in Gmail account which is major sign of problems –


  •    The account has been hacked
  • Settings issues
  •   Signing in problems
  •    Compromised Gmail account
  • Problem in sending and receiving mail 
  •  Much more

The issues are many, but the most important thing which users require is taking help of experts. One can dial Gmail customer service number for significant technical help and support. We are always happy to help you achieve best solution.

The best part is that, users are offered with absolutely toll free Gmail
customer care service
 number for most easy and convenient experience.
We help one in attaining the best solution which users require the most. 
We are
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We are the most dependable third party team who will remove all problems
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Attain GMX Support for Immediate Mail Account Accessibility

The (Global Mail Exchange) GMX customerservice is all set to bring best solution for all kind of emailing
issues. We hence, have created this web mail interface to help each user in
accessing the easy platform conveniently. One can take the help and support of
experts for easy experience. There are times when users come across technical
hindrances and mishaps in GMX account, so they require essential technical
support for the same.

a look at some of the major hiccups in GMX account, and easily get solution for
dissolving it through us:
The account has been hacked
Signing in issues in GMX mail account
Settings related issues
Sending and receiving mail errors
Configuration related problems
Compromised account errors
Much more
These are some of the major technical hiccups in GMX
mail account, which users face commonly. There are times when technical mishaps
and hiccups arise in GMX, so users need to dial immediate technical support for
attaining easy service within minimum time span.
have hired experienced and talented professionals here, who remove problems from
GMX mail account conveniently. Our experts are certified and talented
individuals who completely resolve all problems. One can dial
GMX phone number for enjoying easiest and convenient accessibility.
work as a third party specialist who offer
GMX helpline number
to users
in order to experience GMX services easily. As GMX is enhanced with ultimate
features like huge storage space, fastest mailing services, drive support, and
so much more all together.
We are always happy to help you attain best solution
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Micro-channel, do not forget early heart

Micro-channel is like a train can not stop in time two years and six months to get 400 million users, the growth rate ranks first among the global scientific community simply it’s original intention, but the mobile Internet communication tools in a human , and now, it has gradually collapsed in the real world of increasingly large commercial power.

Overall, micro-channel 5.0 iPhone version than I expected, either commercially or try to introduce some new services, but now the micro-channel in the end going to do?

From the just-released version of micro-channel 5.0iPhone of view, the first micro-channel games << >> By eliminating every love Timex Artists Tencent game development studio, just to market one day, they go beyond 2 >> << Zombies, rushed to the Apple App Store free top position.

Micro-payment letter also came with a tengxuncai’s license. Although now also buried under the public account, but with the increase in usage scenarios, placing him in the PC era was under Alipay TenPay, can not borrow Machine gorgeous?

Similarly with the micro-channel mobile Internet boarded the ship intended to be placed there ‘commercialization’ high hopes ‘to sweep’ is simply swept Tencent’s various business lines .3 C product diversion to the Tencent electricity supplier under the easy fast network, ‘ Sweep Cover ‘can sweep books, CD, and movies, can be directly imported QQ music music library, sweeping’ Street ‘is given Tencent SO SO map is said Tencent news client and QQ browser will assume micro-channel media business, as Tencent mobile Butler will be for the whole micro-channel security escort.

Make money through value-added services business model, Tencent ease, for Tencent major business, the micro believe this is really the perfect entrance, but not perfect micro-channel, at least a handful of face expression now stores are not even passable.

Micro-channel’s official slogan is ‘You might want to, and micro-channel world simultaneously.’ That micro-channel world, what is? In my opinion, micro-channel of the world should be the world’s micro-channel, rather than Tencent’s World World’s micro-channel is what ? Ma gave the two words, one ‘commercialization’, the second is ‘international.’

It is conceivable that future scans movie cover resources can also directly left Tencent video, location-based e-commerce can be left to buy site Tencent investment acquisitions and F group of high-net friends, but I also hope that, through micro-channel, you can see the love Fantastic Art Youku and Sohu video, and potatoes, and perhaps the future can also see YouTube. Through LBS, also on the handle, the U.S. group buy site, etc., and even Groupon.

If we say that two years ago, but Tencent micro-channel Guangzhou Research Institute produced a mobile Internet products, it now appears, micro-channel is a ‘Tencent’ integral login mobile Internet world, ‘platform ticket.’ Standing on the platform is no longer micro-channel lonely figure, but the entire Tencent the future, Tencent to open a micro-channel, so that Chinese Internet links all over the world do?

Ma once joked micro letter: ‘just a platform ticket, can not sit in the end do not know a person or team up do not know, a lot of people try to live in harmony or will fight do not know.’ Moment for the company’s internal many businesses, Mr. Ma is a choice and for you, the Tencent micro-channel as other businesses in the mobile Internet on the total entrance to the least money tyrants of the most beautiful location, a closed-loop business model has started to take shape.

This from the establishment of the user model to establish an effective revenue model path, with the traditional QQ growth similar way, micro-channel doing is by virtue of massive user base, creating a commercial platform, 5.0 micro-channel chose to go an old road in here, I vaguely see is ‘mobile QQ’ shadow, the original intention of QQ on the PC side to move the mobile end-stop service level, and ultimately makes mobile QQ micro-channel fell behind, until being subverted, they remembered Users But that is a necessary tool for Friends Contact Bale. Zhang Xiaolong to repeat it? when the micro-channel is no longer the first micro-channel, and become profitable business PC to copy all of the QQ, this really is Zhang Xiaolong want? while whether micro-channel because it becomes a deep and heavy products, and in the mobile Internet era left behind?

Written to this and would like to ask micro-channel one, do you remember micro-channel first version of the description of it? ‘Send and receive messages, take pictures to share, contact friends.’ Do you remember the open micro-channel, the planet context, that a human lonely silhouettes do ? you, my dear micro-channel, it hopes to become a stake after being Ali Sina microblogging Fair? Southern economic commentator Xie Rui

Unicom micro-channel Voca on sale first day of sales than expected minimum 38 yuan

Sina Technology News on August 8 news in the open after an appointment to get amazing orders, Guangdong Unicom launched in cooperation with Tencent micro-channel Voca on August 8 will begin selling, and its opening on sale a few hours on delivery ten thousand, more than expected, while the reason, micro-channel Voca meet market demand, and the first sales have snapped up low threshold, the minimum is only $ 38.

First off is only 38 yuan lowest rates


Voca micro-channel by the Guangdong Unicom and Tencent launch of a product, it is not only a calling card, is not limited to micro-channel directional flow concessions, it is equipped with the group, expression, payments and gaming privileges.

Prior to the August 5 to August 7, micro-channel Voca conducted in a three-day fast and easy online reservation, and on August 8 launch.

From the previous bookings can be seen that many users of micro-channel Voca full of expectations, three days a predetermined time the book reaches more than 150 million copies, and also delivered the final out of the tariff, preferential prices to micro-channel owners think that ‘ value. ‘

It is reported that net sales starting fast and easy micro letter Voca are 66 yuan, 96 yuan, 126 yuan three packages. Above three package also includes 360 yuan, respectively, 504 yuan and 684 yuan third gear corresponding to different levels of return calls which , 66 yuan, 96 yuan package micro-channel Voca are 38 yuan a price, and 126 yuan package micro-channel Voca price is only 88 yuan so, first off easy fast micro-channel Voca obviously very favorable price , consumption threshold minimum is only 38 yuan.

In addition, sales of micro-channel fast and easy starting Voca also according to the different needs of consumers, ready to mix a variety of micro-channel Voca addition to the classic single sales, but also prepared a couple models, family models, models and so on with a friend, each containing two sheets, three, four pcs number of micro-channel Voca phone number, this card is very scarce even number, and the sales price is more favorable than the single purchase for example, two loaded two even numbers Voca couple models micro letter, Sale price of only $ 48. three mounted three consecutive numbers Voca family micro-channel models, priced at only 58 yuan, while the more unusual friends paragraph number four with four micro-channel Voca also only 78 yuan, much higher than single purchase affordable.

Extensive application of the crowd

The micro-channel Voca sale on the first day of the event but also due to its versatility, practicality high, business people, students, migrant workers, white-collar workers and other community groups have a strong appeal.

For example, students, micro-channel Voca contains 300M micro-channel directional flow, promotion period threw 200M, which means that 10 bucks you can have 500M of micro-channel directional flow, which greatly satisfy the user’s needs, do not worry Traffic will be super, calls and more the province.

For migrant workers, the popularity of smart phones not only to the people who brought the colorful cities of online life, but also changed the third and fourth tier cities and rural markets social habits micro letter Wo Kate some privileged groups Contact migrant workers will also be family, friendship ties.

For white-collar workers, micro-channel Voca more feature-rich, group, expression, payment, flow, games, etc. so that we can in the five privileged circle of friends and family and friends to share their dynamics and life with you.

For business people, micro-channel package to facilitate the flow of Mishawaka office business people, but also for the hectic work adds a lot of fun, recharge payment privilege 98.5% discount is for the business crowd has brought tangible benefits, while These privileges is common directional flow cards can not offer.

Because of this, micro-channel Voca aftermarket sales in the open amazing. The Voca Guangdong Unicom to provide for the micro-channel flow privilege quite affordable, the $ 10 a month can enjoy 300M flow promotional period threw 200M, and the first sales period also presented 12 months traffic privileges. chat user micro-channel, real-time sharing of pictures, videos, no longer have to worry about traffic problems.

It is reported that in the future, with the micro-channel in-depth cooperation with China Unicom, micro-channel Voca will open, such as broadband, music, HD, and more new privileged services, which will provide micro-channel Voca old users, new users to provide more convenience , micro-channel Voca is a constantly new features, new services, phone cards.

Time to capture the beauty of sunrise and sunset change image

The first time to capture a sunrise and sunset wonderful image change

Nowadays, with the famous photographer Fang Qi Weili extended the boundaries of still photography, plus time-lapse images produced, thereby creating a series of photographs bottle stickers, each photo is 2-4 hours time span formed.

Following on from the side Qi Wei enjoy sunrise and sunset to capture the color change to produce such a wonderful image, but in a traditional pages or the video is still unmatched out.

Our research and development of biological material 3D printer: print human cells

Xinhua News Agency, Hangzhou, August 7 (Reporter Yu Jingjing) – From Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology University and other universities, scientists independently developed a biological material 3D printer. Scientists use biomedical polymer materials, inorganic materials, the hydrogel material or living cells , has been successful in this printer to print out a smaller proportion of the human ear cartilage, liver cells and so on.

The biological material 3D printer R & D team leader, Hangzhou Dianzi University professor Xu Ming-yan said that this biological material 3D printer has printed many kinds of biological material for cell damage is low, high precision printing and easy to operate with a similar international Compared printer, which sets called ‘Regenovo’ 3D printers not only to achieve the biological material under sterile conditions and cell 3D printing, and the new print head temperature control unit and designed to be supported from -5 ℃ to 260 ℃ melting print a variety of biological materials.

Xu Ming-yan said, ‘Regenovo’ support living cells printing, printing with up to 90% cell survival. Now print out the longest living cell survival was 4 months.

However, from human cells, tissues and even organs are ‘print’ out into the real clinical application, there is quite a long way to go. Xu Ming-yan said that scientists need to work together in various fields.

Changsha Canon EOS 70D New Coming Soon details of the consultation

(Changsha digital camera market) early July, Canon 60D officially released an upgrade – EOS 70D. Aircraft equipped with a very powerful 20.2 million pixel CMOS sensor, built DIGIC 5 + image processor, equipped with full 19:00 Cross AF system. Additionally ISO up to 12800, also has full HD recording, HDR and multiple exposure and other functions, is bound to have a good shooting experience. Besides, 70D also added something called ‘double pixel’ (Dual Pixel CMOS technology focus, live view mode, you can reach five times faster than the original AF-speed.



Canon 70D
Release date July 2013
Body Features APS-C size digital SLR
Product Positioning Mid-range SLR
Operation Full manual operation
Sensor Type CMOS
Sensor Size 22.5 * 15mm
Sensor Description Dust removal function: Auto, Manual, add the dust data
Effective Pixels 20200000
Image Processor DIGIC 5 +
High resolution 5472 * 3648
Image Resolution L (Large: about 20 million pixels (5472 * 3648

M (Medium: about 8.9 million pixels (3648 * 2432

S1 (a small one: about 500 million pixels (2736 * 1824

S2 (Small 2: about 2.5 million pixels (1920 * 1280

S3 (Little 3: Approximately 350,000 pixels (720 * 480

RAW: about 20 million pixels (5472 * 3648
M-RAW: approximately 11.2 million pixels (4104 * 2736

S-RAW: about 500 million pixels (2736 * 1824

HD camera Full HD (1080
Body Motor Does not support
Lens Description Compatible Lenses: Canon EF lenses (including EF-S, not including EF-M lenses

(35 mm equivalent focal length is approximately 1.6 times lens focal length

Lens mount: Canon EF mount

Focus mode Type: TTL secondary image-registration, phase detection

Focus modes: One-Shot AF, AI Servo AF, AI Focus AF, Manual Focus

Focus area Single-point AF (Manual selection, Zone AF (Manual selection

AI Servo AF features: tracking sensitivity, the acceleration / deceleration tracking

AF fine tuning: AF fine tuning (Adjust all lenses adjust or press

AF-assist light: built-in flash emitted by a short continuous flash

19 AF automatic selection

Focus Points 19:00 (all cross-type corresponding to F5.6, F2.8 corresponds to double the central cross-type AF

※ except for some lenses

Display Size 3.0 inches
Pixels and type 1.04 million pixel LCD screen
LCD screen features 16:9 mode

Brightness adjustment: Manual (7

Electronic level: in 1 ° shows the horizontal level

Touch screen: capacitive type

Brightness adjustment: Manual (7

Electronic level: in 1 ° shows the horizontal level

Touch screen technology: capacitance method

Features: Display

Screen Features Touch screen, flip-screen, high-definition screen
Menu Language 25 kinds (including Simplified Chinese
Live View Support

Aspect ratio settings: 3:2,4:3,16:9,1:1

Focus mode: Dual Pixel CMOS AF (full pixel dual-core CMOS AF / contrast detection mode (face + tracking, multi-point move freely, move freely 1:00

Difference detection method (fast mode

Manual focus (can be about five times, 10 times magnification confirmation

Continuous AF: with

Focus brightness range: EV 1-18 (23 ℃, ISO 100

Metering modes: Evaluative metering (315 area, partial metering (real-time display of approximately 10.3%, spot metering (real-time display screen of about 2.6 percent, the central focus of the average metering

Metering Range: EV 0-20 (23 ℃, use the EF 50mm f/1.4 USM lens, ISO 100

Silent shooting: with (Modes 1 and 2

Touch shutter: with

Show grid lines: 3 types

Viewfinder Eye-level pentaprism
Viewfinder Description Coverage: Vertical / horizontal direction is approximately 98% (eye point of approximately 22 mm

Magnification: 0.95x (-1m-1, with 50mm lens at infinity

Eye point: about 22 mm (from eyepiece lens center at-1m-1

Built-in diopter adjustment: about-3.0-+1.0 m-1 (dpt

Focusing Screen: Fixed

Grid display: with

Electronic Level: before shooting, after shooting display

Mirror: Quick-return type

Depth of Field Preview: with

Shutter Type Electronically controlled focal plane shutter
Shutter speed 30-1/8000 seconds, B Mun (Total shutter speed range. Available range varies by shooting mode, flash sync speed of 1/250 sec.
Flash Type Built-in (with wireless master function
External flash (hot shoe) Yes (EX-series Speedlite (Flash functions settable with the camera
Flash Range 17mm lens angle of approximately
Flash Index Approximately 12 (ISO 100, in meters
Flash recycling time About 3 seconds
Exposure mode Program AE (P), Aperture priority (A), Shutter priority (S), Manual exposure (M), B door exposure
Exposure Compensation Manual: ± 5 stops in 1/3 or 1/2 stop increments

AEB: within + -3 stops in 1/3 or 1/2 stop increments

(Can be used in combination with manual exposure compensation

Metering 63-zone TTL full aperture metering (Evaluative metering (linked to all AF points, partial metering (approximately 7.7% of viewfinder at center of the area, spot metering (approximately 3.0% of viewfinder at center of the area, the central focus of the average measured light
White Balance Auto, Preset (Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten, tungsten, white fluorescent light, flash, user-defined, color temperature setting (about 2500-10000K, with white balance correction and white balance bracketing function, with flash Color temperature information transmission
Sensitivity Basic Zone modes: automatically set between ISO 100-6400

* Scenery: automatically set between ISO 100-1600 in, Hand-held Twilight: In the automatically set between ISO 100-12800

Creative Zone modes: Auto ISO, the manually set between ISO 100-12800 (in 1/3 or 1 as a unit, or ISO expansion to ‘H’ (equivalent to ISO 25600

Scene modes Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Sports, Night Portrait, Hand-held Twilight, HDR backlight control program
Image Stabilization Optical Image Stabilizer
Movie Shooting 1920 * 1080 (Full HD: 30p/25p/24p

1280 * 720 (HD: 60p/50p

640 * 480 (SD: 30p/25p

* 30p: 29.97 frames / sec, 25p: 25.00 frames / sec, 24p: 23.98 frames / sec, 60p: 59.94 frames / sec, 50p: 50.00 frames / sec.

Compression Method: ALL-I (only I), IPB

File Size: 1920 * 1080 (30p/25p/24p/IPB: about 235MB / min

1920 * 1080 (30p/25p/24p/ALL-I: about 685MB / min

1280 * 720 (60p/50p/IPB: about 205MB / min

1280 * 720 (60p/50p/ALL-I: about 610MB / min

640 * 480 (30p/25p/IPB: about 78MB / min

※ movie shooting speed required memory card reader:

IPB: at least every second 6MB, ALL-I: At least 20MB per second

Focus Mode: AF Live View shooting with the same

※ movie shooting fast mode can not be used

Servo AF: with

Metering Mode: Using the image sensor and the central focus of the average metering Evaluative metering

* Focus mode is automatically set by the

Metering Range: EV 0-20 (23 ℃, use the EF 50mm f/1.4 USM lens, ISO 100

Exposure Control: Program AE with video and manual exposure

Exposure compensation: + -3 stops in 1/3 increments (Still image of + -5 level

ISO sensitivity

(Recommended Exposure Index: Using the automatic exposure shooting: Automatically set between ISO 100-6400 in Creative Zone modes can be extended to the ‘H’ (equivalent to ISO 12800

Using manual exposure shooting: Automatically ISO 100 – 6400 between the settings manually set between ISO 100-6400 (in 1/3 or full-stop increments, expandable to ‘H’ (equivalent to ISO 12800

Digital zoom: Zoom can be set approximately 3-10 times

Timecode: Support

Dropped frames: Compatible 60p/30p

Video Snapshot: can be set to 2 seconds / 4 seconds / 8 seconds

Recording: with built-in stereo microphone

External stereo microphone terminal

Can adjust the recording level, with wind noise reduction function, with the attenuator function

Show grid lines: three types

Still image capture: You can

Continuous function Support

High Speed: up to about 7 / sec

Continuous low speed: up to about 3 / s

Silent shooting: up to about 3 / s

Maximum burst speed:

JPEG Large / Fine: Approx 40 (approximately 65

RAW: about 15 (about 16

RAW + JPEG Large / Fine: Approx 8 (approximately 8

* Figures are based on the use 8GB memory card Canon’s testing standards (ISO 100 and ‘Standard’ Picture Style

* Values in parentheses apply based on Canon’s testing standards compatible 8GB UHS-I Memory Card

Special effects Photo Effects: Auto, Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Neutral, Faithful, Monochrome, User Defined 1-3

Creative Filters: black and white particles, soft focus, fish-eye effect, oil painting, watercolor effect, Toy Camera Effect, Miniature Effect

Noise reduction capabilities Can be applied with long exposures and high ISO sensitivity shooting
Shooting Mode Drive mode: Single shot, Continuous, Continuous, Silent single shooting, continuous shooting mute, 10 seconds self-timer / remote control, 2 seconds self-timer / Remote
Remote control function Support

Wireless Remote Control: Remote Control RC-6

GPS function Support
Wireless Performance WiFi
Print mode Compatible with PictBridge printing
Editing capabilities Brightness correction, white balance, Picture Style, Auto Lighting Optimizer, High ISO noise reduction, JPEG image-recording quality, color space, peripheral illumination correction, distortion correction and chromatic aberration correction
Play Mode Image Display Format: Single image display, single image + Information Display (basic information, shooting information, histogram, 4-image index, 9-image index

AF Point Display: Yes

Grid display: three types

Zoom Display: about 1.5 times -10 times

Image browsing methods: Single image, jump (by 10 or 100 images, shooting date, file folders, video clips, still images, Ratings

Highlight alert: Overexposed highlights blink

Image Rotation: You can

Rated: with

Movie playback: Allow (LCD monitor, video / audio output, HDMI output

Built-in speaker

Slideshow: All images, by date, folder, video clips, still images or ratings

Background music: You can select the slide show and video playback

Image Protection: Yes

Memory Card Type SD / SDHC / SDXC card
File Format Picture: JPEG, RAW (14 bit Canon original, you can also record JPEG + RAW

Video: MOV (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264

HDMI interface Support
Video Interface AV interface
Other interfaces USB2.0

External Microphone Input: 3.5 mm diameter stereo mini jack

Remote control terminal: For Remote Switch RS-60E3

Battery Type Lithium battery (LP-E6
Power Performance Via AC Adapter Kit ACK-E6 using the AC

Installing the Battery Grip BG-E14, you can use the 5th

Battery Information: Displays the remaining capacity, Shutter count, performance and battery charging registration (AA/LR6 battery

Endurance Still images: using the viewfinder: 23 ℃ for about 920, 0 ℃ for about 850

Using Live View shooting: 23 ℃ for about 210, 0 ℃ for about 200

※ Use a fully charged battery LP-E6


23 ℃ for about 1 hour 20 minutes

0 ℃ for about 1 hour 20 minutes

※ Use a fully charged battery LP-E6

Physical characteristics Big screen DC
Colors Black
Shape design Engineering Plastics
Dimensions 139 * 104.3 * 78.5mm
Product Weight Approximately 675g (body only, 755g (including battery and memory card
Other properties You can create / select a folder

Document No.: Consecutive numbering, auto reset, manual reset

Automatic image brightness correction: Auto Lighting Optimizer

Highlight tone priority: Provided

Lens aberration correction: peripheral illumination correction, color correction

AE Lock: Auto: evaluative metering using a single AF mode when focus

Manual: By AE lock button

HDR shooting:

Dynamic Range Adjustment: Automatic, +-1EV, +-2EV, +-3EV

Automatic image alignment: Support

Multiple Exposure :2-9 exposures

Multiple Exposure control: addition, average

The aircraft is now about to visit Hunan Province, the Canon 70D interested friends can contact the merchant ‘Changsha Canon Monopoly’ Consultation understand, please call or QQ: 2269340078

[Reference price] Details of consultation

[Business name] Changsha Canon Monopoly

[Business address] Changsha Jiefang East China Sea No. 81-1 3C floor

[Contact Us] 1387597877213875978725

[Online QQ] 511503157

Word association test to be promoted apple squared input method

Squared input method has always been the dream of a fruit powder stuff, someone cried for it, someone desperate for it, it was for it to change course. Saying that fruit powder that iOS 7 beta4 version added a squared input method, and cried, which kind of shaking ZZZZZZZZZ change triggered numerous fruit powder every night revelry. YY end, return to the topic, today we have right to an apple squared input method measured to see if it really really easy to use.

Since iOS 7 beta4 version added squared input method state line version only supported devices, so we also got a version of the iPhone 5 a telecommunications for experience. Taking into account this time squared input method is Apple’s first time, so We still some worry about its actual performance, so we will also be squared with the native Android and Windows Phone system input method input method squared to do a comparison, look at what they really are different.

Apple squared input method the overall design style is looking more comfortable, but practicality is also relatively strong, but also takes into account most of the user’s habits. Also in squares state also supports English input, but from the experience in terms of input , it is not easy, if not particularly interested in, we recommend that you enter text or use the full keyboard to enter it.

On its own Chinese input, apple squares in common terms and phrases on the inputs are not the problem, but are also relatively good association ability to quickly identify the exact words, but a sentence, no problems, but in some of the idioms and the occasional aspects of the phrase will be used in the performance is not very good. example: ‘All good things come to an end,’ the phrase in the squared input method is no way to break out, and need to find at least four times to these words Complete show, but this is not Apple’s input method association ability enough, but squared input Predictive ability is not enough, because we are also in a state full keyboard input is accurate to play out.