Jackie Chan push new single gift two sessions does not love to sing love songs

LOS ANGELES, March 9, Jackie Chan [microblogging] released in Beijing the latest singles << Homeland >> tribute to the ‘two sessions’. Attended the event in addition to the outside of Jackie Chan, songwriter Ping for a long [microblogging], Zhao Zhao et al. Jackie said, now sing tired ‘Understand My Heart’, prefer such passionate songs like << Homeland >>

Jackie Chan’s new single tribute to two sessions

<< Country >> << people’s livelihood >> other songs, Jackie Chan has launched a new single << Homeland >> comes to this piece, Jackie Chan said that in the ‘two sessions’ during the launch of this song, but also for the two sessions ‘gift.

Than before the launch of the few songs << Homeland >> song melody more excitement, Jackie Chan said, ‘<< country >> catchy, everyone can sing << >> more difficult to Homeland, need some passionate singing, like a march, two different songs. ‘Jackie Chan also admitted that increases with age, like a song like this child,’ I slowly began to sing some interesting songs, do not like ‘Do you love me, I love you’ as the melody, that era has passed for me. ‘

Sing to the audience the positive energy

‘Now I have the opportunity to sing the song of this inspiring and positive energy, OK Go and evaluation, I do not know, anyway, every time I are singing themselves hoarse.’ Jackie said, ‘For me to sing this song than I sing << >> prefer plainly my heart, ‘plainly’ era has passed and I do not sing love songs << Homeland >> This singing after righteousness sense positive energy can sing for all of the audience. ‘

Jackie Chan also introduced ‘They spent a few months to create, as much as possible so that more catchy, so that everyone can feel very comfortable.’

Not willing to make a movie singing

Jackie Chan said, ‘I will not shoot a big action movie like << Zodiac >> consider to focus more on singing on a good movie to take years to sing a song up to two weeks on it. ‘Jackie Chan also said, this time not shooting << Homeland >> MV plan,’ if you like and we would consider. ‘It was suggested that Jackie Chan will be wonderful lens cut before the movie MV, Chan said,’ Internet users now are very powerful, they casually cut a song, do better than the professionals. ‘