August decoration find “Evening News · Home”

Now call 4000-588-028, green high quality ready to just over 30,000, set 68 to grab a limited number of places on the yuan brand appliances package for free delivery, but also to avoid the amount of housing fees, free design fees, free supervision fees, Free management fees, suburban clients from remote construction expenses and another side too, Dekor, SITA, Marco Polo, Faenza, Rodin and other brands a strong join, renovation and upgrade quality.

August decoration, find << >> Chengdu Chengdu Evening News · home, you just stay in the restaurant, blowing air conditioning, the name of mahjong, all for fitting to us to do this month by << Chengdu Chengdu Evening News · Home Swiss and home decoration >> together launched the ‘cool August · Constant improvements to send ten thousand yuan brand appliances’ activity is hot in places only 68, would like to install quality new homes, the owners want to save money worry action should be fast.

Helping just over 30,000 quality

Before the 68 free gifts on a million appliances

Chengdu, home improvement as ‘Quality Helping Leaders’, Swiss and ranking by virtue of its quality process and a lot of material supplier resources to honestly and for the majority of owners to bring a cost-effective renovation services of this event, the organizers introduced a strong side too, Dekor, SITA, Marco Polo, Faenza, Rodin and other brands, so quality renovation and upgrade, the owners live signing, you can get a full set of bathroom cabinets, toilet / squatting, shower, bathroom mirror, ceiling , spotlights, downlights, Yuba and other kitchen value spree. bigger surprise was given before 68 places to grab owners will also receive free Sanyo / Haier Washing Machine, Panasonic / Haier three-door refrigerator, side too / Vantage fume machine, side too / Vantage stove, beauty / Kelon air-conditioning on a million brand appliances suit.

Top designers live one on one

Classic apartment scene analysis

The event, dozens of industry veteran designers will gather in the scene, detailed analysis for the owners more than a thousand sets of classic units, programs. Whether you’re in the decoration of any wild notion, may be present and designers and industry experts communicate live hundreds of sets of designs panoramic display, small apartment, big house, villa and other units fully resolve a variety of design styles, as well as senior engineering experts, the construction division to accept advice, and explain decoration considerations. Additionally, signing Customers can obtain Evening & Garden >> << free audit quotes and other services.

Engineering quality guaranteed

68 sets of ‘high quality’ in the model room collection

As a ‘Quality Improvement experts’, more than ten years, Swiss and ranking in the industry has been enjoying a ‘project of excellent quality’ reputation the company has perfect quality control system 8, 142 process standards, 436 quality points, strictly in accordance with GB for construction, inspection, every aspect, every detail must not be careless in this event, the organizers specially collected 68 sets of ‘high quality’ model rooms as listed on the site, and by the Swiss Garden >> << Evening and home decoration Director personally supervise, to secure the owners worry decoration, save money in the end!